5 Tips to Save Mobile Data Effectively on iOS

mobile data

If you use mobile internet on a regular basis then you’re undoubtedly intimately acquainted with your mobile data limitation. For most plans that have limited mobile data the charge for exceeding the limitation can actually be quite hefty – which is something you may have…

The Smart Watch That Will Help You Meet The Fitness Goals You Set

smart watches helping to achieve fitness goal

Almost everyone has the same New Year’s resolution every year. That is to lose weight, get fit and stay that way. Unfortunately most of us will only last about a week with a few of us maybe lasting a little bit longer with this goal….

Bigger Screen Size Of Iphone 6 Will Bring Tough Challenges For The Developers Of Ios

Bigger Screen Size Of Iphone 6

Apple has maintained the tradition of presenting the world with such screen resolution that is pixel perfect. With the launch of each device, the presentation of the screen resolution changes. It is because the newer devices have bigger screen sizes that fail to support the…

Ios Based Fling Game Of Sleeping Prince Is Perfect For All Ages

playing game in mobile

With royal surrounding and grandeur setting, the game of the sleeping price will appear to be another buildup game. However, when you take a closer look you will find something amazing. Launched by Signal Studios and Tilting Point the game of sleeping prone is soon…