How to Improve Employee Productivity in the Workplace


productivityYour employees are hard workers…sometimes. Other times, they’re not so hot, they slack off, hit up Facebook, work on personal projects, all sorts of things, and all on the company’s time and dime. Now any business manager knows that time is money, and every minute wasted by an employee has a direct negative impact on the company’s bottom line. But how prevalent is “slacking off” at work really? Well a 2012 survey done by showed employees self-reporting that 64% of them visited non-work related websites daily while at work. From that number 39% say they spend a hour or less each week doing so, 29% claim they spend 2hours a week and 21% say they waste 5 hours a week.

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Baidu-Quest For Accelerating Image Search In The FPGA Mold


BaiduBefore going all out to know and learn about Baidu, it is very important to spare some time and shed some thoughts on the concerned gamut, cybernetic market and customer base that lead to this context. It acts a valuable backdrop to the fact that the famous Chinese search engine called Baidu is trying to step up the velocity of its ingrained learning mechanism by incorporating programmable gate arrays in the set field. You call them FPGAs. The primary aim is to accelerate the performance and standard of its deep, distinct learning models catering to image search.

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