Why is Facebook so slow in 2022? Make it Faster Now

During this Covid-19 pandemic, Facebook played an important role in connecting people around the world. Many created fundraisers through Facebook in order to help the backward countries to fight with this deadly virus. World Health Organization (WHO) also used Facebook to spread awareness by suggesting various ways to protect ourselves from the virus.

Facebook also helped small businesses to grow during this pandemic. The small business owners were feeling helpless because they were unable to open their shops during the lockdown, but Facebook acted as a savior to them. With Facebook, small business owners like local grocery stores, medicine shops were able to promote their products online and many people bought them.

Nowadays, many people are complaining about Facebook loading very slow. This is not because of their internet connection. All the other apps are running fine with the same internet connection but something is going wrong with Facebook which is disappointing many people.

Major Features of Facebook

There are many features available on Facebook, such as News Feed, Friends, Timeline, Likes and Reactions, Comments, Messages and Inbox, Notification, Groups, and many more.

1. News Feed: The News Feed shows all the content posted by your and friends and all the pages and groups you follow. The News Feed keeps frequently updating, providing you all the latest posts and photos.

2. Friends: This is probably the most useful feature of Facebook! By adding someone to your friend, you are creating an online bond with the person, whether you know him/her or not. Every picture, video, memes, or stories posted by your friend will appear on your timeline.

When you get a new request to add someone as your friend on Facebook, it will appear in your notification section; you can add or reject a request. Remember, once you add someone to your friend list, the person can see your personal information like date of birth, place where you live, your workplace/school/college.

Suppose you want to keep this information private. In that case, it is recommended not to provide these while setting up your Facebook Account.

3. Timeline: A Timeline is like a gallery of someone’s profile. It shows all the recent posts made by the person. Facebook also introduced a feature of the cover photo, if you keep a cover photo, it will be shown at the back of your profile picture when someone opens your timeline.

4. Likes and Reactions: Reactions are a fun part of Facebook. The first reaction introduced by Facebook way back in 2009 was the ‘Like’ button.

You can use these reactions to show your response to someone’s post. There are six more reactions, excluding “Like,” they are Angry, Haha, Wow, Love, Sad, and Care. Facebook introduced the “care” reaction recently.

5. Comments: This option allows you to write something on someone’s post. You can also post Stickers, GIFs, and Pictures in the comment section.

6. Messages and Inbox: Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application through which you can chat with your Facebook friends online. This feature was developed back in 2008 and was known as Facebook Chat. They worked on their app for many years and released their Messenger App for both iOS and Android in August 2011.

This app is very useful. It allows us to chat with our friends. It provides extra features like Video Calling, voice calling, sending pictures, stickers, and GIFs.

7. Notifications: This feature helps us to know all the things that happen to our Facebook Account. For example: if someone likes your photo, you will get a notification from the App mentioning the person’s name and time when the person reacted. You will also get notified about other things related to you and your friends’ profile with this feature’s help.

8. Groups: Individual users can create Facebook groups, that can be used by the members to post things like questions, their experience on some incident, links, media, and many more.

Groups are generally created to combine people together those who have common interests. For example, there are sports groups where different people can talk about sports, political groups, charity groups, and many others.

Why is Facebook so slow?

People nowadays complain about the slow loading of Facebook. This is mainly because of the addition of features. New features are very useful for the users, but they also put loads of weight on the app and server.

To emphasize more, the basic problem has been too many uses of JavaScript programming to launch any new Facebook feature.

When Marc Zuckerburg launched Facebook in 2004, it was a very simple and basic site with some limited features. Still, throughout these 16 long years, they added tons of new features, resulting in slow loading.  Go through the next point to find the reason why your Facebook might running slow.

What Causes Facebook to Load Slowly


Slow loading can sometimes be very irritating if you are trying to look into your timeline or watch an interesting video. There are several reasons due to which Facebook can run slow irrespective of whether you are using PC or mobile.

Some exclusive PC or laptops problems that can make Facebook load slowly are:

  • Third-party toolbars which are installed in the web browser
  • Unnecessary browser extension installed

Now coming to such problems which are responsible for slow loading of Facebook in both devices (PC or mobile phones)

  1. Server Issues
  2. The version of the Web browser
  3. No cleaning of cache cookies
  4. Internet Issues
  5. Not using VPN

Simple Steps for Fixing up the Errors:

In order to fix the slow-loading issue, you can check the steps mentioned below:

1. Check Your Internet Connection: Slow Loading can be caused by slow internet. Check your internet connection properly. If everything is alright but the problem persists, then you might need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

2. Use a VPN: As mentioned earlier, slow internet connection is one of the major issues of Facebook loads sluggishly. However, if your internet connection is fine but there’s no improvement in loading Facebook then a user can take help from VPNs.

vpn user statistics

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can make Facebook load fast by connecting with a different server. In case your ISP server faces any difficulties, it won’t create any problem for you to use Facebook when using a VPN.

Not only faster Facebook, VPN can also help you to protect your private data and withdraw any location restriction by providing you a secure connection.

3. Keeping System Clean: If you are running Facebook from PC, try to close the unnecessary background programs. In case you are a mobile user, clear your recent apps, and restart the app.

In addition to that, clearing cache, cookies and browsing history is also recommended to keep your device clean.

4. Browser Version: Sometimes, Facebook doesn’t run on older browser versions, so it is better to run Facebook on the latest browser version. Sometimes, re-installing your web browser can also help your computer to process all the files and settings to run Facebook smoothly.

5. Disabling third-party toolbars from your Web browser: Any third-party toolbar or extension can slow down your loading speed while you are using PC or laptop to access Facebook.

Removing those toolbars or extensions can be beneficial apparently, however, a user can only determine if the tools or extension is required to serve their purposes or not.  

In case you are a Google chrome browser user you need to type “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar to find all the extension which are installed. Disable those ones which are unnecessary and of no use.

Now, if you are a Mozilla Firefox user, then you can click on the “Tools” menu to find the add-ons which you wish to disable.

6. Check for App update: If you are using the Facebook App on mobile, there might be an update waiting at the play store. Just update the App, and your app should run smoothly.

7. Third-Party Apps: Some third-party applications come in through Ads and claim to enhance your Facebook experience. In case you have downloaded one, uninstall the app and try loading again. This should fix your problem as most of these Apps are malware, which makes your App perform slower.


In today’s world, everyone loves using social media, and Facebook is probably the most famous. The slow loading of Facebook can sometimes be disappointing and depressing. Facebook is a way to get some entertainment for many of us.

Other than that, business or health-related information can get missed if one’s Facebook is really running slow.

Not to worry, you can get your problem solved if you follow the steps as mentioned earlier.

Remember, Facebook is serious about its community guidelines. So, trolling someone or sharing any sensitive post can cause the Law enforcement authority to look into the matter.

Hence, follow all the guidelines and get your daily dose of entertainment from Facebook.

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