What does “PM” mean on Facebook?

PM means “personal message” or “private message”. It’s an abbreviation used by Facebook users to interact with each other.

Instead of commenting publicly, some users prefer messaging personally. Only the recipient and sender can view those messages.

So, do you want to PM someone on Facebook? This article will guide you on how to send a private message on Facebook.

How to Send a Private Message on Facebook App

In order to send a private message on Facebook follow these steps.

1. Log In to your Facebook account.

2. Go to your Friends list and select the friend you want to send a private message.

3. Tap the “Message” icon on the profile. This will open a personal or private chat box.

4. Tap on the highlighted box and type your message. Press the “send” button and the receipient will receive your message.

How to Send a Private Message on Facebook Using Desktop

1. Go to Facebook.com and log in to your account.

2. A list of friends will appear at the right-hand side pane beneath Contacts.

3. Click or search the contact you want to send a private message.

4. A popup will appear on your screen. Type your message in the popup box and press enter to send a private message on Facebook.

How to Send private Messages using Messenger

You can send private or personal messages using the chat application of Facebook, i.e., “Messenger”

You can download the Android or iOS version of the Messenger app on your smartphone. Otherwise, you can also use the web version on the top right side of the computer screen.

Follow the instructions to know how to send a private message using Messenger.

  1. Open Messenger and type the name of the friend in the search box. Click/tap on the friend’s name.
  2. Type message in the message box and press enter.

Facebook cares about users’ privacy, so you can be assured that these messages remain confidential.

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