What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social media network where people connect, upload photos and organize videos with related hashtags. If you have an Instagram profile you might have seen a lot of users and businesses using acronyms frequently which are quite difficult to understand. One such acronym you might come across is “NFS” and you wonder “what does it mean”?

So, here we are going to clear your confusion and explain “what does NFS mean on Instagram”.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

There are millions of posts uploaded on Instagram using the acronym NFS. Different users have different purposes of using it.

NFS commonly stands for “Not for Sale” on Instagram. When users upload any product that is not available for sale they use the acronym “NFS”.

NFS can also be used for defining “Need for Speed”. Generally car lovers use this acronym to post pictures of high speed racing cars. Also game enthusiasts mention their love for the popular racing game franchise Need for Speed using the acronym NFS.

Other Meanings of the Acronym NFS

No Funny Stuff 

It is often used by the people who don’t want to deal with unnecessary drama and gossip in their life. They like to be carefree, and not interested in dating and relationships.

No Funny Sh*t

People who are serious and going through a difficult phase of life use this acronym. If someone mention this acronym in a post, it means they want to come up with some truth.

No Filter Squad

People who don’t want to look drastically different on their photos use #nofiltersquadneed. They don’t want to use filter effects to look beautiful. They like to remain as they are.

No Filter Story

It is quite similar to No filter squad. The only difference is , No filter story is used in Instagram stories only. When a post is uploaded without filters people use #nfs (No filter story) tag.

Not For Sure

Today’s generation loves using acronyms on social media. Gradually teenagers use #notforsure or #nfs when a conversation seems doubtful or they don’t have a perfect opinion on anything. It means the person knows, but is not sure to answer a question.

Not Feeling Sober

It’s popular among teenagers who are partying overnight and drunk too much. They use #notfeelingsober or #nfs because they don’t feel sober or energized.

Not Feeling Social

Another term of NFS is Not feeling social. This is generally used when a person has no desire to be socially engaged and no longer feel like hanging out. If you see such posts with #notfeeingsocial or #nfs leaving them alone will be the best option. If you try to poke them even after knowing this, they might restrict you on Instagram.

No Followers Syndrome

Some users love to do fun posts on Instagram to spice up their account. They have no intention or expectation of achieving a decent number of followers. They just do posts for fun. Such people use #nofollowerssyndrome or #nfs while uploading any stories or media on Instagram.

Not For Sharing

A person might use #notforsharing or #nfs when he or she does not want to share their posts, videos and stories at that moment. They don’t want to talk about anything they are posting on their account.

Network file system

Networking professionals are using this acronym mostly. It’s a technical term. It defines transferring files and folders between computers on a network.


As you can see “NFS” has several different meanings. It expresses different emotions in different posts. So if you see any posts using this acronym try to feel the exact intention of the post. If you are confused the go through our content again to get the idea. You have to keep-up with everchanging social media trends.

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