What Does ISTG Mean in Text?

Text messaging has become an integral part of teens’ life. Most young people prefer communicating with others via text to express emotions. But the most common in everyone’s chat is the use of frequent slang words.

These days people use abbreviations when texting, and one of them is ISTG. So, in case you don’t understand the meaning of those acronyms, you may not be able to communicate.

Don’t worry. It’s not too late to learn about the short forms of texting. If you check the origin of this trend, you’ll see all they’ve come from social media like TikTok and Snapchat. People post content or comment using different acronyms and hashtags on these social sites.

In this article, we’ll explain what ISTG means in text and how to use it.

What does ISTG mean?

ISTG means “I Swear To God”. ISTG is used to express emotional sincerity or to show emphasis to a statement. Most of the time, kids use this to express annoyance or irritation.

It may sound like a new term to some, but this one is very familiar to social media users.

It’s a widely used acronym in text messaging and online chatting on social networking sites. People prefer to use this phrase since it’s closer to another popular phrase OMG or Oh My God.

For regular conversation, most people use habitual slangs like “hbd”, “rofl”, “tc”, “gn” etc. But gradually, everyone starts shortening the sentences and using abbreviations. Especially, young adults nowadays prefer the trend of using short forms in the text.

What does ISTG stand for in Urban Dictionary?

If you check the true meaning of ISTG in the Urban dictionary, it stands for “I Swear To God”. The word is used to express yourself for being honest about something.

How to use ISTG in Text

ISTG is a popular acronym and can be used to express different meanings.

ISTG can also be used to emphasize your statement to convince someone about something. This slang is like proof of truthness about what you said and shows your emotional sincerity.

Let’s look at the examples of how to use ISTG in text.

Example 1.

ISTG I saw a giant snake last night in our lake.

Here, ISTG has been used to convince the other person that you’re telling truth when they don’t believe you about something that you know or see.

Example 2.

If you don’t stop, ISTG, I’ll punch you in the face.

ISTG can also be used to indicate a general warning or threat so that the other person takes you seriously and stops doing something you don’t like.

Example 3.

ISTG. I’ll finish the project by tomorrow.

ISTG can even be used to promise someone about something so that the other person can trust your words.  

Where you can’t use ISTG?

You can’t use ISTG formally or professionally to complicated or add seriousness into your sentences.

You also can’t use ISTG in front of spiritual or religious people since it may offend them and create unwanted issues.

Hopefully, you’ve got an idea about the ISTG. So, from now, you can also start using this slang while texting your friends. 

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