Is The Bigger iPhone 6 Really Better

iPhone 6 craze

iPhone 6 crazeWhen purchasing a new cell phone or even a tablet one of the first things people will usually consider is how big or small the device is. After all when you are speaking of an electronic device size usually does matter and it is a personal preference. In fact the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, once was quoted by saying “No one is going to buy a big phone”. And now Apple has released the bigger iPhone 6 Plus which is the largest phone that the company has ever designed.

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Unveiling Apple Watch Which Is A New Entrant In The World Of Smart Watches

Apple watch

Apple watchSmart watches have become an important accessory toady which most individuals would love to own. Equipped with advanced features, these smart watches are the perfect synthesis of smartphones and a regular watch. Apple is aiming at carving a niche in the smartphone market. The tech giant has decided to release the Apple watch in early 2015. The target customers are individuals who spend a large share of time checking their smartphones every day. With the launch of this interesting and handy device Apple aims at taking the digital experience to a new level. Apart from addressing the functionality Apple has aimed at high levels of aesthetics when designing the watch.

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