16 Important Social Media Tips for Business

Social media is an ideal way for business owners to reach out to prospective customers. Social media tips can help these business owners build and successfully promote their presence on social media. Here are some social media tips for business.

Be committed to social media

Commitment to social media is a primarily important social media tip for business. Though this may pose a real challenge because of the difficulties involved such as gaining audience or followers, developing rich content and staying social media activity. Proper planning is key to making it a success, and this involves designing a social media strategy which includes stating your primary business plans, goals and philosophies and why people should follow you on social media.

Show consistency in the name on all social media platforms

It is essential to use a consistent handle on all social media platforms because this will enable your brand to be easily found by customers and this can have a remarkable increase in your presence across social media. This is so since customers may be familiar with your brand handle and quickly assume it will be the same across all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Identify your audience

Knowing your audience is an essential social media tip for a successful business. If your audience doesn’t value your social media posts, i.e., pictures or a new idea or information, then it’s practical of little or no use. This can pull the attention of your audience away from you and in effect make your efforts and resources waste.
In addition to understanding who you want to draw closer to your business, it is important to point out their interests, likes and dislikes, needs, educational level, leisure, income, natural attractions, goals, and reasons they sought after the products or services. Creating such audience personas will help you identify your audience and decide on the right social media platforms to be used and what content to apply.

Be natural

Showing naturalness is another social media tips for business which is vital in getting the needed connection with your followers. One way to achieve this is by interacting with your followers as though they were your usual friends. This helps them to personally know and interact with your business in a more human form, and this interaction endears them to the brand.
Posting pictures whether of office activities or random team photos, making the faces behind your social feeds known is important, very important in connecting with your followers or audience and this eliminates the event of your business looking like a faceless brand without ‘natural’ presence.

Be unique

Uniqueness is an excellent social media tips for business. Being different from other social media business strategy is important. For customers to remember you, they have to see that you stand out and are above the usual noise on social media.

Seek Bonds

It’s not just about how many followers you have on social media but about how many are interested in you and your brand. It is better to have a lesser number who all regularly interact with you and your content or brand than a large number that ignores you. To that effect, building relationship on social media is important to your business.
Some ways to achieve this include;

• always responding to peoples questions,
• when people share your content, always do well to reply,
• Share other peoples work, and
• Initiate conversations by commenting on the others’ content and not just merely liking or retweeting them.

Know and observe your competitors

It isn’t good for your business if you copy everything your competitors do on social media making it essential to know what can be done differently to appeal more to customers. It is vital to see the content of your competitors’ posts when they generate a lot of comments or are shared often. You can also observe the followers your competitors have and follow them as well. If they are so interested in the similar field of brand or business, then there’s every possibility they’ll relate to you too. As a strategy, liking or following competitor’s posts can also attract them to you.

Show creativity and authenticity

Using social media platforms as an authentic introspection into your business is vital in showcasing offers, team, and brand creatively. It is important to give priority to the type of content to create and when you choose to do it. This doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. When using social media platforms, try to create content that can work across several platforms to reach multiple audiences and can be creatively reused for other purposes at other various times.
When you show your audience more love by giving them that right feeling that you’re investing in them with helpful and authentic content that can inspire them, there is more likelihood of them investing in your business in which case you and your business have in a professional style, received back the love you showed to them.

Don’t fear payments

Unlike how it formerly was, social media isn’t entirely free anymore. Various social media platforms have new business features which support ads, and such social ads attract some form of payments as they promote your business. As regards your business social goals, influencer marketing is another form of paid strategy through which social media can aid your business.

Avoid excessive promoting

Another important social media tip for business is to avoid choking people or your followers by promoting your brands and persistently asking them to buy your products or patronize your business. Instead, place more focus on creating the love for your brand by being more social. As the term social media implies, it is a platform to be more social than promotional, and this is a tactful way to in effect make your brand more appealing and give rise to awareness.
It helps to tenderly train these relationships with followers or customers, build trust and have an influence on their intentions to purchase from you, placing you at the summit of their minds so that when there’s a need, your customer will always remember you.

Don’t over-do

It is important to make use of social media platforms that show more relevance to your audience. Trying to get the attention of everyone when creating content for social media seems over-optimistic and unrealistic, and this can have a negative effect on your budget and intended success. By making use of all the available social media platforms available, there’ll be hard enough time to create compelling content and develop an environment for business success through social media
It is necessary to play to your strengths and give priority by evaluating your resource power and setting realistic expectations to avoid failure and giving up on your social media plan for the business by deeming it too bulky.

Make a calendar

It is important to take out time to create a schedule to maintain an organized social media presence. Making such a content calendar allows your posts for each social media platform to have a unique tune, times post correctly to avoid constant posting always and prevents content repetition over and over thereby endearing customers to your business.

Allow reviews and comments

Reviews and comments can add value and authenticity to your business. It benefits your brand when you encourage reviews whether they are positive or negative ones and it is not advisable to delete your bad reviews even as clients might tend to review the bad experiences more than the good ones.
Bad reviews provide an opportunity for you to show that your customer service is excellent especially when your reply is nice and carefully dished. This also offers a chance to show you accept the feedback and this makes the customer feel some degree of respect and value.

Use videos

The improvement in technology has made the use of video on social media even more popular. Making use of this social media tip for business by posting short clips or using live feeds is a useful marketing method to catch the attention of customers for your business.

Make room for what’s trending

When you make room for trending news, topics and events through your content or on your page or profile on any social media platform, it creates an opportunity to showcase the personality of your brand. It is necessary however to be careful in sensitive trends concerning politics or other topics which may bring rise to controversy for your audience not to be cut off from your business.

Seek help

In reality, a lot of time, energy and resources is spent to get success in business by using social media even with all the tips. Getting help from an expert on social media management will be of great assistance in reaching out to new customers and maintaining the already existing ones and keeping them happy with your services.


From the above-outlined tips, it is clear to see several ways by which using and adapting these social media tips can benefit and help to promote your business and attract many of the right persons to your business. Some other social media tips for small business. It is important to note though that social media is not a stand-alone tool, so it should be used along with your other online or offline marketing activities and maintain consistency in reaching out to your audience via as many channels possible.

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