How to Create a PayPal Shipping Label without Purchase, Payment, Invoice, Order or Transaction

The digital mode of receiving and sending money is indeed a blessing. The transactions are easy and preferred by everyone.

Many companies have started their venture based on the online transaction concept. PayPal is the most trusted and familiar among them. As per the latest report of Jan, 2021, PayPal currently has 286 million active users.

Besides online payment, PayPal provides other facilities too. Creating shipping labels is one of the popular services of PayPal. With PayPal, you can print the shipping labels for free.

In this article, you will get to know how to create PayPal shipping label without purchase, order or any invoice. Let’s get into details.

Create PayPal Shipping Label without Purchase, Transaction, or Invoice

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a shipping label for a parcel that is not associated with a PayPal transaction.

1. First, log in to your PayPal account using all the required details.

2. Visit Finding the page can be a little bit time-taking. If you plan to print shipping labels, it is recommended to bookmark this address in your web browser.

3. A pop-up window will appear on the screen asking for the recipient’s address. Make sure to enter the correct details. Then click on “Ship to This Address“.

shipping address

4. After that, enter the address from where the parcel is going to be shipped. This would be considered as the “Return to Sender” address, the parcel would be sent back if the carrier is unable to find the recipient, or there is an error in the recipient’s address.

It is necessary to provide your own address instead of the post-office address. In case, the parcel gets returned to the post office, you have to collect the parcel from there.

5. PayPal allows shipping methods like UPS, USPS and other shipping options! Choose the ideal shipping method which you wish to use. Select the perfectly suitable service for you (based on the size of your parcel, time frame, and budget).

shipping information

6. After selecting the shipping method, you have to enter your parcel information. PayPal will ask you to include the weight (pounds & ounces), and the measurement (in inches) of the package you are shipping. Incorrect information might cause failed delivery.

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7. Next, enter the shipping date. It will always show the current date. If you wish to drop the parcel on future dates, make sure to do the necessary changes.

8. Click on the Calculate Shipping Cost option on the top right-hand side corner of the screen. This will provide you the estimated shipping cost based on the information you have provided on PayPal.

9. Click on the Confirm & Pay button once you check all the details are accurate. Here you will get the option to pay via credit card or PayPal balance.

10. Now, generate your shipping label by clicking “Print Label”. If the shipping label doesn’t open in a new window, just disable the pop-up blocker on your web browser and try again.

11. Finally, Print the Label and attach it with the parcel you are planning to ship.

It may seem that there are loads of steps you have to follow before shipping your parcel, but it’s actually an effortless process. Follow the “Additional Consideration” section for a hassle-free shipping.

Additional Considerations

If you are really determined to print your shipping label without any difficulty, make sure to follow the quick tips given below:

1. PayPal shipping option requires correct weight (Pounds & Ounces) and length (in inches) of the packages. You must keep measuring tape and scale with you. Your package might get returned for creating a shipping label with incorrect measurements.

2. You can use paper or label paper when printing the shipping label. If you want to use label paper, the recommended/best size for PayPal shipping label is Label 369, which is 7.375’’ x 4.5’’ in size.

3. When you are using copy paper to print your labels, the label should be cover with clear packing tape. If you don’t cover it properly the paper label might get torn or the ink might bleed, resulting in a failed delivery.

4. PayPal also has the feature of generating International Shipping Labels. You will have to go through with some additional steps to create a customs copy while filling out the shipping information.

5. With PayPal you have the option to add or remove insurance while editing Package Information.

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The Priority Mail costs $50 or $100 which comes with free insurance. You can avoid this method if you don’t have the urgency of shipping within 1-3 days.

6. PayPal has a feature of voiding any shipping labels within 48 hours of creation. In case you have cancelled or made any mistake, make sure you have voided the label. This will save your precious money from being wasted.

Why should you create a PayPal shipping label

A PayPal shipping label plays an important role in the transportation of your goods. It contains all the key information and details that the carrier needs to transport your goods to the desired destination.

There are many reasons why PayPal is considered much better than any other shipping options like UPS or USPS:

1. Unlike any other shipping options, PayPal provides discounted rates for its customers. Other sites charge monthly fees, but in PayPal, you don’t have to pay any monthly fee.

If you choose PayPal over any other site for shipping, you can get an extra discount on your shipping charges; this is always a good deal, especially for small businesses.

2. Since the introduction of online banking and remote transactions, everyone is shifting towards them because they are easy and very convenient.

PayPal can be even more helpful for you, as it keeps all your receipts, shipping information, data and tracking numbers in one place for easy access.

3. Everyone knows how time-consuming and frustrating can shipping through a post office is. It just consumes so much time standing in huge queues but PayPal is so much time-saving because here, you can create your own shipping label on your own without anyone’s help.

4. PayPal also allows you to create professional-looking shipping labels for your goods and the best part is you can make them very easily from the comfort of your home or office.


Delivering packages with PayPal is easy as the steps for creating the shipping labels are not complicated at all. When you correctly create a shipping label, be assured that your parcel will reach its destination without any issues.

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