PayPal Ship Now 2020 – Let’s Make Shipping Easier

No matter if your business is small or big, there are incredible possibilities that you need to complete a lot of transactions every day. Completing online transactions is quite easy nowadays, thanks to online payment modes like PayPal.

Managing a business is tough; in case if you own an online business, then it’s obvious that you have to deal with transactions and shipping both.

Like other 305million people, if you are also an active user of PayPal, then there are some other services offered by PayPal that are worth trying.

To ease up the whole business management, the service called “PayPal ship now” can be very useful if one needs to take care of shipping parcels daily.

Delivering products or items can be a troublesome job if one needs to wait in line for hours. However, the experience is totally different when it comes to PayPal ship now service.

You only need to drop the parcel in any of the commercial PayPal offices near you. The package would get shipped and delivered safely and quickly.

This article is the ultimate guide to help you in case you are not sure about using other shipping methods than the post office.

What is all the hype about PayPal Ship Now?

The PayPal Ship Now is mainly for online sellers who are in need of a faster and secure way to deliver their goods. This was only made possible due to PayPal’s collaboration with UPS and USPS.

There are some requirements to get access to the special feature. Here are the specifications :

  1.  You must have a PayPal account first.
  1.  Secondly, you must register your account as a business account.
  1.  It can be a possibility that you have opted for a personal account in the past. You can create a business account from the previous account of yours. To get access to the details, you can check the profile summary after you log in.

Keep in mind that PayPal offers different types of accounts to cater to varying types of businesses. Some of the popular account types are joint PayPal account, premier account, and non-profits accounts.

How to Use the feature called PayPal Ship Now?

Using the PayPal Ship Now is very simple and straightforward. There is no reason for you to find any complications during the process. Here are some steps for you to use it:

  1. Open the web browser you trust and use the most.
  1. Visit the PayPal official website.
  1. Sign in to your account by giving accurate information.
  1. Go to the Recent Activity section and click on the Ready to Ship option.
  1. Under the Ready to Ship section, you’ll find the Print Shipping Label option; click on that.
  1. Once you move to the next page, you have to fill the shipping details such as the item’s weight and package size, the type of service you want, and the shipping options.
  1. After providing all the required information, just click on the “Calculate Shipping Cost” option.
  1. Before you finalize the shipping transaction, make sure to review the details that you entered first. 
  1. After doing all these, tap on the “Confirm and Pay” option.
  1. The price of the PayPal shipping label will be charged from your account.
  1. Finally, print the shipping label and attach it with your parcel. Done! You are all set to go! If you wish, you can also bring the parcel to the nearest UPS or USPS (the one you chose before printing the shipping label), and you can put the item into their bin.
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Done! You are all set to go! If you wish, you can also bring the parcel to the nearest UPS or USPS (the one you chose before printing the shipping label), and you can put the item into their bin.


There is enough reason to use Paypal ship now as a shipping service. Here are some worth mentioning:

  • First and foremost, you don’t need to pay any subscription or monthly fees to avail of this service.
  • One can get huge discounts on USPS and UPS shipping.
  • Creating and purchasing Shipping labels easily.
  • One or multiple batches can be printed at a time.
  • PayPal users can simply log in to their account to track shipments.
  • Automatic update of tracking numbers in the system
  • The shipping addresses get checked to avoid mistakes during shipping.
  • It also offers optional shipping coverage.

PayPal Couriers

The PayPal uses the services of the two biggest courier companies in the US, which are USPS and UPS:

USPS Shipping can be used for international and domestic shipping. It can be used to ship flat rate boxes, priority mail, first-class mail, priority mail express, and the Commercial Base pricing.

USPS Shipping also gives you special e-Commerce discounts on domestic and international shipping. It can give you up to 45% off on ground shipments and up to 55% off on 2nd-day air shipment.

Creating & Printing Shipping Labels

With the use of PayPal, you can easily design and print shipping labels and packing slips for UPS and USPS. You don’t need any particular label printer for this; you just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the “Activity” section at the topmost part of the page and search for the particular item you want to ship.
  1. Just search for the thing which you want to send.
  1. Choose the courier service you want between UPS and USPS.
  1. Enter the shipping information and double-check the info.
  1. Click on “Calculate.”
  1. When you are okay with the amount, click on the Confirm and Pay option.
  1. Finally, click on the “print label” option on the “Finish printing your label” page. Your printed shipping label is ready!
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Paying for Multiple Labels

With the use of your PayPal account, you can pay for multiple USPS shipping labels; you can choose various options for paying:

  1. PayPal account balance
  1. Smart Connect
  1. Extras MasterCard
  1. Instant Transfer from your bank account
  1. Credit or debit card, whichever is listed on your PayPal account

Note that you can only use your card if you have no balance and haven’t yet registered your bank account.

Paypal Multi-Order Shipping will charge you an amount after printing shipping labels from it. This charge will be posted as a single transaction on your account.

Reprinting Labels Created with PayPal Multi-Order Shipping

Some easy yet effective steps one can follow when he has to reprint shipping labels that he already has created using PayPal Multi-Order Shipping:

  1. Visit the Multi-Order shipping page on your account.
  1. Click on Purchased Labels.
  1. Look for the label which you want to reprint:

-Select the date range by using the Search drop-down menu.   

-Look for the particular label you wish to reprint by selecting the date and transaction from the Search drop-down menu.

-Select the specific label which you want to reprint.

  1. Click on the Reprint button.

The reprint option is available only for 24 hours after the creation of labels. So, if you want to reprint a label, do it within 24 hours of its creation. Though, you can reprint the SCAN form any time you want.


The PayPal Ship Now is an excellent feature considering the quality of services that it provides. Your valuable packages get first-class treatment, far better than any other regular shipping services. With PayPal Ship Now, you not only get high-class service but also you almost have to pay the same amount as any other shipping service.

In order to make the delivery more preferable and formal, PayPal also uses an option for Customer Signature. Some buyers do scams like telling that they didn’t receive the item even if they actually did. But this Customer Signature will act as supporting evidence that you have delivered the goods properly as promised.

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