Greatest Features Of iOS 8

success with iOS8

success with iOS8Many people often cringe when they see yet another iOS update come around. But then there are many people who look forward to the new updates that are being released although the updates seem to be happening more and more frequently these days.   The newest of these updates was released on September 17, 2014, which was just two days before the release of the new iPhone 6 and 6Plus. There are many changes and updates to the iOS 6 and you will find in the article below a general highlight of what these changes are. Read on to learn more.

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Google Maps Gets Smarter Everyday

Google Map

Google MapWhen someone is speaking of Google Maps what is being spoken about is a mapping tool that can come in handy when you are creating a blog or a website. This mapping tool will help you to add interactive maps into the website and blog that you are creating.

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It Is Helpful To Know A Little About HTML And CSS

HTML and CSS class

HTML and CSS classMany people in the world of computers think that if you use a computer that you should learn how to code. Of course the argument is that if you are someone who writes, markets or any other type of career why would you need to learn how to code. It is a growing concern that many people do not know how to code and it is affecting the careers. Even if you know a little about HTML and CSS you can stretch your career farther than what you thought you could. This article will show you several ways on how you can benefit from having just a little HTML and CSS knowledge.

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5 New Microsoft Changes For Windows 10

Windows 10Right about this time of the year every year people start to look into purchasing new electronic devices such as computers. Some people are people who will only purchase Apple products while other people will swear buy Microsoft and will only purchase items that run off of a Windows operating system. So for those of you who were planning to purchase a computer with Windows 8 you should probably wait. This is because Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is being released very soon and will be much more improved than Windows 8. The article below will explain what this changes to Windows is and how they will affect you.

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Is The Bigger iPhone 6 Really Better

iPhone 6 craze

iPhone 6 crazeWhen purchasing a new cell phone or even a tablet one of the first things people will usually consider is how big or small the device is. After all when you are speaking of an electronic device size usually does matter and it is a personal preference. In fact the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, once was quoted by saying “No one is going to buy a big phone”. And now Apple has released the bigger iPhone 6 Plus which is the largest phone that the company has ever designed.

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