Where To Sell Or Buy A Used Android Phone

buy and sell

buy and sellIf you are looking at upgrading your current model or even something completely different than what you already have you might be finding that it is pretty expensive.  However what you might not know is that you can offset some of that expensive cost by selling your old Android phone.  There is definitely a market for a used phone.  This is because if they are taken care of phones can last for many years and face it there is definitely a demand for them as well.  If you are looking to sell or buy a used phone you might be interested in the websites that work as an exchange for phones.  There are several of them. 

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How to Improve Employee Productivity in the Workplace


productivityYour employees are hard workers…sometimes. Other times, they’re not so hot, they slack off, hit up Facebook, work on personal projects, all sorts of things, and all on the company’s time and dime. Now any business manager knows that time is money, and every minute wasted by an employee has a direct negative impact on the company’s bottom line. But how prevalent is “slacking off” at work really? Well a 2012 survey done by Salary.com showed employees self-reporting that 64% of them visited non-work related websites daily while at work. From that number 39% say they spend a hour or less each week doing so, 29% claim they spend 2hours a week and 21% say they waste 5 hours a week.

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How to Save Money on Cell Phone Services

save money on cell phone

save money on cell phonePeople are starting to realize just how much money they are spending on their cell phone services and they are looking to cut the cost.  From cell phone contracts to prepaid cell phone service there are many different ways that you can save money.  Of course there are things you need to pay attention to such as how much you use your phone service.  Here are many different ways that may help you to save money on your phone and still get the services that you have.

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Skype Takes an Extra Stride with the Ios8 Features

skype in Iphone

skype in IphoneWith blends, matches and fusions doing the round and changing the face of the information technology,it will be interesting to note how the voice over internet protocol Skype takes on an upgraded look. The major voice over service picks up the cuts and chisels of the iOS 8. The interplay results in an excellent mishmash. It is evident that when the novel innovations of ‘I’ operating system interacts and joins hands with the Skype, prolific developments are on the cards.

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Steps Entailed in Cross Update of Digital Content across Different Social Media

social media share

social media shareYou must have noticed that when a new article appears on any social media site, that same is updated automatically across different websites. The strategy of publishing the content across different social media is at times automated and sometimes manual. Many of the social media websites do not allow automated process of publishing the content. You can opt for the servers that allow immediate cross-post updates across different social media channels. This is because the handcrafted updates perform better in comparison to the automated ones. Often with the help of the Buffer and Google + you can share a message across different social media.

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