Highlighting The Effects Of Social Media On Human Brain And Its Functioning

effects of Social Media

effects of Social MediaWith growing popularity of social media, its effects cannot be escaped. One cannot think of life without Facebook and Twitter today. To remain connected with loved ones social media is being increasingly used. Several times in a day time is spent scrolling through the smartphone to keep track of the updates and feeds. As humans bury themselves in social media one important question which pops up is its effect on human health, more importantly the brain. Social media is highly addictive. Recent surveys signal that almost 10% of internet users do not have control on the hours of usage.

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Discover Best Ways To Make Use Of 1 TB Cloud Storage

cloud security

Recent trends indicate that cloud storage is soon being preferred by individuals who want to keep their documents safe and access the files from different locations. The greatest advantage of keeping documents in the cloud is that you can access them virtually through any internet connection. Most of the cloud storage services come with a set of interesting and engaging apps which you can easily install. You can easily share files and documents with individuals who use the same cloud storage. Most of the cloud storage services today operate on the freemium model where you can avail a certain amount of space without a charge and pay if you use additional space.

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The Small Yet Effective Ways To Strengthen Your Facebook Contest

facebook contest

facebook contestThe social networking site of Facebook has emerged to be one of the most used platforms for the purpose of online marketing. Launching of contest in this platform has yield fruitful results for the marketers. However, due to the dynamic nature of the user behavior, the strategy behind construction of the challenge always keeps changing. Here are some ways to create a competition that is effective and efficient.

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Unveiling Apple Watch Which Is A New Entrant In The World Of Smart Watches

Apple watch

Apple watchSmart watches have become an important accessory toady which most individuals would love to own. Equipped with advanced features, these smart watches are the perfect synthesis of smartphones and a regular watch. Apple is aiming at carving a niche in the smartphone market. The tech giant has decided to release the Apple watch in early 2015. The target customers are individuals who spend a large share of time checking their smartphones every day. With the launch of this interesting and handy device Apple aims at taking the digital experience to a new level. Apart from addressing the functionality Apple has aimed at high levels of aesthetics when designing the watch.

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Ios Based Fling Game Of Sleeping Prince Is Perfect For All Ages

playing game in mobile

playing game in mobileWith royal surrounding and grandeur setting, the game of the sleeping price will appear to be another buildup game. However, when you take a closer look you will find something amazing. Launched by Signal Studios and Tilting Point the game of sleeping prone is soon to hit the market. It has already been soft launched in the country of Australia. Within few days, it will have a global appearance. The game is presently available only for the devices operation on iOS. It is played both on iPhone and iPad. However, the developers will soon launch the android version. This game is fun, and it is perfect for different age groups.

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