Baidu-Quest For Accelerating Image Search In The FPGA Mold


BaiduBefore going all out to know and learn about Baidu, it is very important to spare some time and shed some thoughts on the concerned gamut, cybernetic market and customer base that lead to this context. It acts a valuable backdrop to the fact that the famous Chinese search engine called Baidu is trying to step up the velocity of its ingrained learning mechanism by incorporating programmable gate arrays in the set field. You call them FPGAs. The primary aim is to accelerate the performance and standard of its deep, distinct learning models catering to image search.

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Be Polite with Mobile Devices when Traveling

mobile devices when traveling

mobile devices when travelingIn today’s world it is not uncommon to see someone on his or her mobile device at very inappropriate times.  You might see someone checking their messages while sitting at a stop light in traffic or even worse you might hear someone talking on the telephone while using the restroom.  Some people might have different thoughts when it comes to etiquette regarding mobile devices but some things should be just common sense.  Here are a few rules when it comes to mobile devices and etiquette.

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Apple to Rectify the Glitch in New HealthKit Software

Apple Healthkit

Apple HealthkitWith technology taking gigantic leaps,new apps and features are revolutionising our lives like never before. Apple, the flagship major technology and Telecom Company,has brought out an amazing app the Healthkit introduced along with the iOS8. The software was launched with much hype and was going to be a breakthrough in the way one took care of their health and fitness. However, Apple seems to have detected some bug and has pulled back the software from the market. One cannot download the Healthkit app from the Apple store, and the delay in the launch is for a few weeks.

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Steps to Create Rss Feeds for a Twitter Profile

Twitter profile

Twitter profileIn 2006, a brainstorming session by the board member of the podcasting company led to the emergence of Twitter. Then, it was in a rudimentary form, but with innovation, it soar to unparalleled popularity. Till date, the company witnesses rapid growth of the use and boost in their business. Today is one of the most prominent social networking service that helps users to read and sent tweets comprising of 140 character messages. Registered users can post and read the tweets. You can access the tweets through SMS; application of your mobile device am interface of the website. Twitter has turned out to be an effective tool of interacting with users.

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An Insight To The Observation Of BICEP Regarding The Gravity Waves


BICEPThe researchers in the first half of the year inferred based on their observation through BICEP, a telescope located in the South Pole that Big Bang is the main cause of the gravity waves. The researchers were of the opinion that the origin of the Universe has lefts its mark on the present one. But, later it was noticed that the result was not full proof as it is supposed to be. It was later suggested that the theory of BICEP, gravitational radiation and inflation were at a very rudimentary form. It turned out to be that a dusty material in the galaxy complicates the matter to a certain extent.

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