The New Design Of The iPhone 6 Makes For Easier Repairs

iPhone 6

We all need to face the fact that even the most technologically advanced devices are going to break and will need to be repaired. It does not matter who the manufacturer of the device is things happen and there is not one product that is going to last forever. Many people seem to think that the Apple products are indestructible but we all know they are not. For this reason Apple decided to redesign that iPhone 6. This new design will allow for the device to be taken apart easier and parts replaces easier. To see what has changed with this device please read on into the article below.

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As A Beginner You Should Check Out These Mirrorless Cameras

mirrorless cameras

When you are starting out in the world of photography you might be overwhelmed by the number of different options that are available to you when looking into mirrorless compact system cameras. There are many different brands and options that you can get with the different camera types. As a beginner you might find this confusing and you may even have the urge to give up in your quest for photography. Do not worry this article will give you a review of some of the top choices when it comes to mirrorless compact system cameras.

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How To Track Your Sleep And See How Well You Sleep At Night

sleep tracker

If you are the type of person who does not sleep well at night there are many different things that can help you to figure out why and to track exactly what kind of sleep you are getting. You might have to get used to wearing different items strapped to you on different parts of your body but you will be able to see what kind of sleep you are getting during REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep. Often times you can get this information through your smartphone. This is known as connected sleep. It will give you the option of turning the information regarding your movements, heart rates and breathing information into data that can be retrieved on your smartphone when the sun comes up and you drag yourself out of bed.

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The Smart Watch That Will Help You Meet The Fitness Goals You Set

smart watches helping to achieve fitness goal

Almost everyone has the same New Year’s resolution every year. That is to lose weight, get fit and stay that way. Unfortunately most of us will only last about a week with a few of us maybe lasting a little bit longer with this goal. We all say that the reason is because we do not have anyone motivating us or helping us to stick with our workout program and sticking to our goals. However we all might be pleased to see that we have the option of a smart watch that will help keep track of your fitness progress.

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How Facebook’s Anonymous App Could Keep Everything Safer

facebook apps

When you are dealing with people hacking into the computer programs or into the apps on your smartphone it is like dealing with the bullies of the cyber community. You can try to ban them but as soon as you do they will create a new account and start over. This is the reason why Facebook wants to know exactly who you are. They have a new app being released soon that will be known as the anonymous app. To learn what this app is and how is works keep reading the article below to find out.

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