The New HTC Re Grip

HTC Re Grip

With the technology that is recently being announced it is not possible for a company to have a new smartphone without some way to connect to a device that tracks your fitness.  Many people have heard of and own the new FitBit that was all the rage during the holidays and continues to be popular to this day.  Now HTC has joined the ranks of companies with a fitness tracker.  This device is called the HTC Re Grip.  To learn more about this device you should read below. 

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Facebook iPhone App Tips And Tricks

facebook app

facebook app There are many of us in the world today that use both Facebook and the iPhone together.  What most of us do not realize is that there are many tips and tricks that can be used with both of these pieces of technology.  By reading below you will learn some of the more popular options that come with the iPhone Facebook app and you will learn the tips on how to use them.  Read on to learn more.

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