The New HP Stream Laptops And Tablets

HP laptop and tablets

HP laptop and tablets If you are in the market for a new tablet or laptop you might be trying to figure out which brand would be the best for you.  If you should purchase an Apple product or consider an HP product instead.  The good news is that HP has recently released a new line of products to their laptop and tablet world it is called the HP Stream notebook.

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Facebook Statuses That Need To Go Away

facebook status

facebook status People who connect with family and friends through a social media site such as Facebook do so to keep up with what is going on in his or her life.  However we have all seen the daily posts from those people that we just want to delete and “unfriend” that person.  Here are some of the Facebook statuses that should no longer be allowed and should just go away.

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What Should I do If My iPhone, iPad Or Mac Is Lost Or Stolen

MAC laptop stolen

MAC laptop stolen If you are the proud owner of an Apple product such as an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac you will be happy to hear that these products have the best computer tracking tools in the business.  You have the option of remotely being able to locate your device as well as being able to disable it with a lock and a message that happens through the factory resets.  This is also called the kill switch.  This will wipe the device clean.  These features are handy to know about but are not enabled by default therefore you will need to know how to enable and use these features before you ever need to use them.  Read below to learn how to enable these features and know how to use them.

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How to Prevent Identity Theft If Information Has Been Hacked

identity theft

identity theft It seems like everyday there is another major company that has had their customer information hacked.  Unfortunately with the amount of technology that is available to people these days this is a problem that is going to continue.  For this reason we need to be cautious and be able to protect ourselves from having our identity stolen when things like this happen.  There are many ways to protect yourself from this criminal activity read on below to learn more.

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Using Social Media To Find A Job

using social meda to find a job

Social media can be helpful for many different things including finding a new job.  There are many types of social media accounts and they can all be helpful in the search for the job of your dreams.  You can use accounts that you may already have to expand your search even further.  Here are some tips that will help you to find that job you have been searching for. Of course once the job has been located it is up to you to secure the job position.

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