New Technology That Can Detect Explosives From Half A Mile Away

explosive detector

explosive detector The world of technology is an ever-changing world. There always seems to be something new and exciting happening whether it is in the electronics world or another capacity that can help save lives of people. There has recently been new technology that is being developed which involves a remote laser that can detect explosives from a half a mile away. The idea that scientists eventually want to accomplish is that of having a plane that can fly into and over large pieces of land and when entering the area being able to identify if there are drugs or explosives present. As of right now there has been goals achieved but only goals that work for short distances. The new goals are to sense from much larger distances.

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The Best Apps For Adding Text To Your Photos

guide book to best android apps

guide book to best android apps When you have photos whether it be photos that you are messaging to someone else, making a poster, greeting card or even a scenic display for your photos you might have the idea of adding text to these photos but you are unsure how. This is where an app can help you and most of the apps for this function are fairly simple to use. Once you get involved with dressing up your photos with texts you will be looking for ways to do this on all of them and with the right app it can be done right from your cell phone. The question is now what apps are the best for doing this adding text. This technology update help you with deciding what app will be the best for you.

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The World Of 3D Printing

3D printing technology

The world of technology continues to grow everyday.  Having extreme growth on a daily basis allows for many companies to …

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