Ops Meaning Slang Instagram

Have you seen Ops on Instagram stories or DMs but are yet to know its meaning? 

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have witnessed a huge surge in the use of abbreviations, acronyms, and slang.

One such slang abbreviation on Instagram is ‘Ops’, commonly used on Instagram stories, text messages, and post captions.

ops meaning on instagram

If you want to know what does Ops mean on Instagram and how to use and respond to it, keep reading.

What Does Ops Meaning Slang Instagram?

“Ops” stands for “Opinions” or “opinions on me” on Instagram. Instagrammers use this to encourage or draw opinions about them from followers and other users, like “Ops on my new dress”.

It is similar to Tbh (To be honest) in that ops also invoke honest opinions from Instagram users about a topic or person.

The abbreviation is mostly used on Instagram stories. However, you can find ops on Instagram chats as well.

So, the next you see Ops on Instagram stories and chats, you know that the person is asking your honest opinion about a particular topic or person.

Note: You should not confuse Ops for Op or Oop, as these are different acronyms and thus have different meanings.

How To Use “Ops” On Instagram?

Instagrammers use Ops as text on Instagram stories to know the perception of their friends and followers on Instagram about them or something or someone.

Apart from that, Ops can also be used in chats to ask the other person about their opinions on something or someone.

Using “Ops” on Instagram Post

Users often use Ops as the text for their IG posts to ask others for their opinions about them.

In this picture the guy has uploaded a post on Instagram adding Ops. It means he wants to discuss something with someone, get advice or exchange opinions.

Moreover this encourages the viewers to reply with their opinions aboyt the picture.

It is a great way to get responses from the followers.

Using “Ops” in Instagram Chats

You can also use Ops in DMs on Instagram to ask someone about their opinions on someone or something.

Example: “Ops on Joe Biden”

How To Respond To “Ops” On Instagram?

Have you encountered Ops on Instagram stories or chats but don’t know how to respond?

You can respond to Ops by sharing your genuine views about someone or something. 

Be it on a story or DM, the meaning and the purpose of the abbreviation remain the same.


  • Kane: Ops on Porsche 911 
  • Rob: The 911 is a great vehicle for commutes within the city and even for weekend-long drives.

Here, Kane asks Rob for his opinions or views on a particular car (Porsche 911). Rob responds to Kane’s question by sharing his honest opinion about the car.

You should respond to the slang by sharing a positive view, even though it warrants an honest view.

 It is because our honest opinions can drastically affect someone on Instagram. Similarly, we should refrain from sharing negative views, which can hurt others.

However, if you want to share something negative, make sure it’s constructive criticism.

What does ops mean on Snapchat?

Ops mean ‘opinions” on Snapchat.

Why ops is used on Instagram?

Ops is used to invite honest opinions and views of Instagrammers about something or someone.

Is “oops” the same as “ops”?

No, “Oops” is not the same as “Ops’ because both words have different meanings, where one means opinion and the other means mistake. 

Is “Ops” only used on Instagram?

No. Ops is also used on Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

What does ops mean on Yubo?

The meaning of Ops is ‘opinions’ on Yubo.


This post has explained what Ops means on Instagram, and how you can use or respond to Ops with ease. 

The slang term Ops is used to perceive Instagrammers’ opinions on someone or something. 

It can be used in Instagram stories, chats and post captions to invite honest opinions from viewers. This blog explores the various facets of the slang so you are never left out of a conversation.

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