Is Rainmeter Safe?

Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool that comes with different “skins” that display information like memory usage, available disk space, etc. Users can download the skin as per their choice and make their desktop or laptop screen look good.

If you are thinking, is Rainmeter safe for your PC or laptop, then let’s check the article to know more about this application.

What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a free, open-source application (licensed under GNU GPL V2) that can change the looks of your desktop screen. It also shows many system information like CPU usage, RAM usage, network and many more. All the themes are very attractive and you can change them according to your preference.
This application also features some skins that can be customizable. These skins are not only for looks, but they are functional too. They can be used to run your favorite applications, arrange your notes properly, etc.
The best thing about Rainmeter is that you can customize the interface according to your imagination and creativity. The sad part is, Rainmeter is not yet available for MAC OS and Linux users. It is currently available for the latest Windows XP to Windows 10 users. The best part is that you can express your creativity on the screen of your computer and the app is absolutely free.
Though the application is very useful and fun to use, people are still afraid to use it. This is because applications like Rainmeter sometimes contain viruses that can be harmful to your computer.

Benefits of Using Rainmeter Application

There are many benefits of using the Rainmeter Application; it shows you all the essential data related to your computers, such as CPU and RAM usage, weather forecast, online data stream and many more. Moreover, your computer will look like a futuristic machine and it will look much more attractive than before.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the customized skins will make your computer screen look really good. You can even screen record your daily online activities using Rainmeter.
The app also helps to monitor the condition of your computer, it will show you the battery percentage of your Laptop and it will also warn you about all the potential threats for your PC, so you can ignore them at the earliest and keep your PC healthy!

Is Rainmeter Safe for Your Laptop and Computer?

Rainmeter is very safe to use on your laptop or computer as there was no trace of any virus when more than 50 antiviruses conducted security checks on this application.

Make sure to download the Rainmeter application from trusted websites only that goes through complete verification.

In case you face difficulties in running the application, then there can be a possibility that your computer’s configuration is not up to the mark. With a high system configuration, there will not be any such problem.

The size of Rainmeter 4.3.1 (the latest version of the Rainmeter application) is only 2.37MB. This means it doesn’t occupy the memory. Also, the CPU usage of this application is 2-4%. All this makes Rainmeter a very light application.

If at any time you feel Rainmeter feels heavy on your computer, then it might be all those skins you have downloaded. So you need to unload some of them to download the new ones.

Final Words

Now you know whether Rainmeter is safe to use on your PC or laptop. Download the application from trusted sources and make your computer screen look more attractive.

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