How to Improve Employee Productivity in the Workplace

productivityYour employees are hard workers…sometimes. Other times, they’re not so hot, they slack off, hit up Facebook, work on personal projects, all sorts of things, and all on the company’s time and dime. Now any business manager knows that time is money, and every minute wasted by an employee has a direct negative impact on the company’s bottom line. But how prevalent is “slacking off” at work really? Well a 2012 survey done by showed employees self-reporting that 64% of them visited non-work related websites daily while at work. From that number 39% say they spend a hour or less each week doing so, 29% claim they spend 2hours a week and 21% say they waste 5 hours a week. The greatest admittance came from just 3% of the people who admitted to wasting 10 or more hours doing non-work activities while at the office. Now, anyone who has worked at or run a business knows that those numbers are probably much higher and people tend to mentally minimize the negative impact they think they’re having.

Those numbers are even more questionable when you consider the makeup of the new workforce, with young people being tied to tech and more often than not mixing both work and personal time, thereby impacting productivity. So, in light of these problems, what can one do to stem the tide of lost time (and money) that is flowing out of the doors of your business?

Well, as management guru Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. A way to measure, and thereby encourage improvement from employees is work time tracking software. No, not the punch cards of old, though those still work well to help punctuality, but software for the new age, that can monitor all of an employees work-time activities and provide feedback both to management and the employee in order to improve productivity. There are a few software packages out there that provide these services. One good one is Teramind, which can be found at . Teramind is an all-purpose employee monitoring software that allows an organization to view an employee’s activities both in live video sessions and historic playbacks. They also offer features such as keystroke recording, email logs, application usage and file access restriction. One good feature of Teramindis that they don’t just offer these features, but the software also constantly monitors the users and can then raise red flags based on previously decided presets. This is a great feature because the reality of the modern workplace is that people will do personal things while there, it is almost impossible to totally root that out, so managing it may be a lot smarter. You don’t want to totally take Facebook away from the guys in Accounting, you just don’t want them spending more than an hour a day on it.

Teramind also comes with a great set of security features which can let you know when unauthorized software is installed on your systems and protect against threats such as that. The active monitoring of programs also allows you to record an employee’s every action within certain programs, allowing any malicious threats to be identified and stopped in their tracks. The greatest feature with regards to productivity is certainly the monitoring though, and not just of idle time, it also allows you to know what tasks certain employees are better or more efficient at, allowing you to have a sort of productivity profile on each employee, which can be invaluable when looking to build internal teams. Assigning the right people to the right roles with data to back up the decisions is the perfect situation, which a product like Teramindoffers. Take a look at it today!

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