How To Tag A Business On Facebook Easily

Are you searching for ways to increase traffic on your Facebook business page? The simplest way is tagging your business on Facebook to get more engagement and reach out to new consumers.

Now the question may arise, why Facebook?

Well, It is a known fact that Facebook has changed the meaning of “socialization”. It has transformed people’s ideas on relationships, business, promotion, privacy, etc. As per the latest report (second quarter of 2020), Facebook currently has 2.7 billion active users; in which 74% of USA users check their profile on a daily basis.

All these numbers are making Facebook a social media marketing powerhouse. That is why it is important for all kinds of businesses to create a page on Facebook.

Facebook brings a lot of updates in its rules and algorithms. Make sure you are aware of such updates while managing your Facebook page for business. Facebook offers paid advertisements to promote products and services. The sponsored ads are based on Facebook algorithms. However, a specific audience can view it in their news feed.

The requirement here is to apply the right social media marketing strategy to reach wider audiences. In such cases, a Facebook business page is considered an important marketing tool. Tagging a business page on Facebook is a free and effective way to promote your services and get noticed.

Why Do You Need To Tag Other Business Pages?

The motivations behind tagging other business pages are:

  • When you tag a business page, your post will be visible to the followers of that page. It helps to expand your reach by getting you more viewers and commitment.
  • It looks spammy when you try to tag business pages or individuals in every Facebook post without any justification. Make sure the post is relevant to the target audiences.
  • Moreover, tagging your business redirects people to your Facebook page. In this way, you can interact with your followers.

How to Tag a Business on Facebook

Follow these five simple steps and start tagging your business on Facebook.

Here’s how to tag a business on Facebook.

1. Choose from which Account you want to Tag Posts and Photos

Facebook has given you the freedom to create both personal and business accounts. It’s up to you which one you will use for tagging.

There are two benefits of posting using your Facebook business account:

  • It makes your business name visible.
  • A direct link to your business account appears in the post. So, the potential client can easily connect with your webpage.

In contrast, when you post something related to your business from an individual account, it looks like a normal post instead of a promotional one. Hence, it gets populated and lost in the newsfeed organically. You need to show your business involvement through the posts, otherwise the customers may feel misled. So, don’t try abuse or force tagging, or else you might be in trouble.

2. Determine Where You Want to Tag Your Business

You have three options: tag your business in a status update, photo, or comment. Read on to decide where you want to tag your business.

  • Tag a business in the status update: It may not drive extra traffic as only your existing followers can see the update.
  • Tag a business page on Facebook photograph: The most decent method to build new followers is tagging your business page on a Facebook photo. Suppose you participated in an event in your area, there you might look for photos from that event in the Facebook page of local newspapers. Tagging your business in those photos can make people get directed from that picture to your Facebook page and connect with you.
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However, the tagging process in photos is different from tagging in a post. You can find the exact guidance on how to tag a business on Facebook photos in the next segment.

  • Tag a product or service on a Facebook post: On the other hand, another approach to find potential customers is tagging the business in the comments of a post.

You may look for Facebook pages and groups oriented to local communities. When someone posts a question about something relevant to your business, reply to them and tag your business as a reference. Thus you can get visitors to your page who are interested in your business. This manual promotion might need much effort still it is an effective way to gain organic reach without paying Facebook.

3. Type “@” Followed By Your Business Name To Tag

How  to tag your business on a Facebook photo? Follow the steps:

  • Click on the photo in which you want to tag.
  • Click on Tag Photo from the bottom of the screen.
  • Start typing the “@” symbol and write your business name. You may even get a list of potential matches that will auto-populate.

To tag a business on a comment, type the “@” symbol followed by your business name. To proceed further, follow the next step.

4. Select Your Business Page

  • From the auto-populate list, select your business page.
  • Click it to tag.

Now you’ve successfully tagged your business.

5. Add A Message

The final step for tagging your business on Facebook is adding a relevant message. Provide additional information on your business, useful tips related to the industry or answering individual’s questions.

Moreover, ask yourself, as a reader, whether it is helpful, engaging and entertaining to you or not. Thus, you can justify the post.

Do You have an Issue To Tag A Business on Facebook?

If you have an issue tagging a business on Facebook, you can troubleshoot the problem by yourself.

  • Unless someone leaves a comment on a post you can not tag that person in the thread.
  • If you are not able to tag another business, follow the same steps mentioned above to tag your business. But rather than giving your business name, put the name of the other business you want to tag.

However, if you don’t find the name, go to their business page and copy the @name below the profile picture. Then follow the steps for how to tag different organizations on Facebook.

  • Open your business page as an admin on Facebook.
  • Tap on Write a post and start writing.
  • To tag an organization, start typing @ followed by their page name.
  • Select the name from the automated list by Facebook or paste the name you’ve already copied.
  • Post the status.
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Tagging different organizations with larger followers enhances your online media promotion. Eventually, you can reach out to more users and gain followers.

Benefits of Tagging A Business on Facebook

Tagging your business or different organizations is an incredible way to build potential followers. However, doing improper tagging may look spammy. Hence, be cautious when you’re following the steps.

Let’s look into the benefits of tagging a business on Facebook.

  • Drive more Traffic to your Facebook page

Tagging a business is the common thing that everyone tries after starting a new Facebook page.  As tags give a direct link to the business page, it drives more traffic and gives more exposure.

  • Reach your targeted audience

It’s easy to direct people to your Facebook page by tagging business in comments or replies. For example, if anyone has a query on pesticide control, you can tag your business page as a pest control service in the reply. If the person gets interested, he/she will visit your page. After all, providing a simple and comfortable way out is the best key to engage with people. So try to keep it simple for individuals to increase the chance of expanding the business.

  • Find new followers

Additionally, tagging your business helps to increase the number of your followers. You may get some new followers if you can stream more traffic to your Facebook page. You can let more people know about any special events or promotions about your business by posting on your Facebook business page. Having more devotees makes your business renowned and inspires new clients to check your page.

  • Get more reviews on your business

The more number of visitors the more chances of getting reviews about your business on your Facebook page.

You can change or modify the business layout based on the reviews. As 86% of buyers go through the reviews before purchasing. Online surveys play a significant role in promoting a product or service.

Some additional benefits while tagging a business on Facebook are:

  • You can get a partnership with other businesses or products.
  • You both can take part in a similar event to get more exposure.
  • Once you tag another business, the proprietor of that business may visit your organization.


To conclude, tagging your business can benefit you in several ways.

First of all, your Facebook page would gain more traffic which will eventually lead to more followers and more reviews. This would definitely make your page and business more appealing to other potential customers.

A disadvantage of tagging business everywhere may look like spam to the followers. So tag only in relevant posts. Write new messages each time while tagging. On the off chance, if people or individuals find it fascinating, they may get interested in buying your product.

Moreover, keep up to date with the latest trend to promote your business. In this way, you can get potential clients organically. As tagging is free to use, in the long run, it may enhance your business growth.

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