How to Raise Your Hand on Zoom

Due to COVID-19, work from home culture becomes popular. Zoom, the video calling app, helps to make this possible. Online meetings to online classes, video conferencing, online interviews all have become possible due to Zoom.

However, this teleconferencing technology has a drawback. No one can speak during an online video call. Remember when you were in the class in school and the teacher was teaching? Whenever you needed to ask a question, you raised the hand. But how is that possible online?

Thankfully, Zoom has made a “raise hand” feature. The raise hand feature in Zoom allows the attendees to request the host for interaction. In this way, there will be no disruption in the video call and meeting. Hence, the host won’t get offended.

The most common question asked by the new users is how to raise a hand on Zoom. Don’t worry. The following article will let you know in detail about it.

What is the “Raise hand” Feature in Zoom?

Microsft Team first launched the raise hand feature. But soon, Zoom adopted this for its virtual meetings.

Zoom has provided the raise hand feature for easy interaction with the host. There is a small hand icon next to the username. By clicking it, you raise a concern. The host will communicate with you upon noticing that. Also, you can give non-verbal feedback using this feature.

As a host, one can use this feature at the beginning of a webinar. Such as to know if any attendees have any questions or want to be unmuted during the session. Additionally, the host can disable the raise hand feature if needed.

However, a host and co-host cannot raise hand. This option is only available for the participants. One can only view the raise hand option as long as the person is not the host.

How to Raise Hand on Android or iPhone?

The process of raising a hand is the same for both Android and iPhone. To raise your hand on Zoom mobile version, follow the steps below.

1. Launch Zoom app on the phone as a participant.

2. Go to More option at the bottom right side.

3. Click Raise Hand.

Meanwhile, Zoom mobile app for Android requires version 3.5.24588.0824 or higher. For the iOS version, it is 3.5.31169.1102 or higher.

How to Raise Hand on Laptop/Windows PC/Mac/?

While you’re using Zoom on a personal computer or laptop, follow the steps below to raise hand.

  1. Open Zoom and join a meeting.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click Participants. You may find the list of all participants of the meeting.
  3. Select the Raise Hand option from the bottom right side.
  4. Or, use the shortcut key. Press the Alt+Y key using the Windows keyboard to switch on or off the Raise Hand option. For Mac, press Option+Y.

Zoom requires Mac or PC version 3.5.24604.0824 or higher. For the Linux version, it is 1.1.44485.0317 or higher.

How to Raise Hand by Dialling the Host on A Phone Call?

You can even join a Zoom meeting by dialing using your phone. In that case, dial *9 to raise your hand. Then it will notify the host.

To lower the hand, again dial *9.

How to Lower Hand on Zoom?

Once you get an answer to your query, lower the hand. It’s easy to do. You can lower hand by yourself as a host and participant too.

Lower hand using a laptop

  • Click on the Participants tab.
  • Move the cursor/mouse to the name who have raised hand and click on Lower Hand.

Lower hand using a mobile phone

  • Open Participants.
  • Select the name who has raised hand during a meeting.
  • From the pop up menu, select Lower Hand.

How to Find Who Have Raised Their Hand?

Well, it’s easy to find.

Either click on the Raised Hand icon. You can see the participants who have raised their hands. Or, click on the Participants option from the bottom. Whoever has raised a hand, there will be a blue hand icon next to the name. Thus, you will know who has raised hand.

Cannot Find the Raise Hand Option?

Generally, when you or anyone raises a hand during a Zoom meeting/class. There will be a small blue icon next to the name. One can find it under the Participants tab.

However, sometimes people complaints that they can’t find the raised hand. This is due to two reasons.

  • While using Zoom in fullscreen, the bottom toolbar gets minimized. So, exit the fullscreen mode. On the computer/laptop, move the mouse to the meeting screen and you can view the toolbar. For, mobile phone, tap on the screen.
  • Perhaps the host has disabled the non-verbal feedback. In that case, ask the host to enable it for you to raise hand.

Ask the Host to enable Non-Verbal Feedback

So, as a host, how to enable the non-verbal feedback on Zoom? Keep in mind that only a host can enable it. A participant may want to raise his/her hand to give non-verbal feedback during a meeting.

To enable this feature,

1. Open Zoom or go to to sign in.

2. Click My Account at the top right corner.

3. Click Settings.

4. From the Meetings tab, go to Non-verbal Feedback.

5. Turn on the button to enable it if it’s off.


Zoom has enabled the opportunity to work from home suitably. The raise hand feature has allowed the participants to raise their queries or provide input during online meetings. If a host allows talking, then the person is promoted to unmute himself. However, to avoid disruption, feel comfortable to mute yourself unless you need to speak.

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