How to Put Multiple Photos to One Instagram Post

Adding one photo to a single Instagram post is old school. Instagram has made it easy by adding the feature to put multiple photos to one Instagram post.

Instagram permits you to upload up to 10 photos in the feed as a single post.

Here we will discuss how to add multiple photos to Instagram posts and stories.

How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram Post

In order to post multiple photos on Instagram post

1. Tap + icon at the top of the Instagram screen.

2. Tap   Select multiple just above the photo Gallery of your phone.

3. Swipe up the thumbnails and expand the gallery. Select the photos you want to upload in your post (The photos will show in the order you select them). The numbers will indicate the order.

4. Tap ➡ after selecting the photos.

5. In the next screen you can add filters to your selected photos.

6. Tap ➡ again to tag people (Swipe to search the photo that you wish to tag someone), add location and write a caption.

7. Now tap to finally share multiple photos on Instagram with your followers.

Your followers can swipe and see your photos, make comments and likes on your post.

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