How to make someone a mod on Twitch and Set as a Moderator

To make someone a mod on Twitch and set as a moderator, go to your channel’s page and type the “/mod {USERNAME}” command or add them through their profiles.

If you want to run a Twitch channel successfully, apart from streaming, you also need to deal with the chatroom and community. But it’s quite hard to maintain both simultaneously. There you need a moderator or mod who can help you to manage your chatroom with proper guidelines.

Basically, mods on Twitch ensure a safe chat experience by deleting offensive and spammy posts and conversations by banning troublesome users. One can easily recognize mods among other users in chat by a green sword icon next to their names.

So, if you get a proper candidate find out how to mod someone on Twitch.

How to mod someone on Twitch

  • Using /mod chat command
  1. Start a live video streaming on a desktop browser and make sure the person whom you want to make a mod is in your chatroom.
  2. In the chatbox, type /mod {USERNAME}. Write your desired mod’s username in place of {USERNAME}.
  3. Send the message and you successfully make someone a mod on Twitch.
  • Using the user profile
  1. Start streaming on your Twitch channel.
  2. If the person you want to add as a mod is present in the chat, click his/her username to open the profile.
  3. An icon with a person and a “+” sign will appear underneath the profile name. Click it to make the user a mod on Twitch.

You can add as many moderators depending on your channel size. For example, in a large channel, you need at least one active mod per 600 viewers.

It’s a good way to keep your chatroom organized and maintain the channel standard.

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