How to Make your Account Private on Twitter

Twitter is a popular social media site to share your thoughts and interact with others via tweets. However, unwanted people can often target you for trolling or bullying and make embarrassing comments on your posts.

Thankfully, Twitter has given you the opportunity to protect your tweets and control the viewers. By changing the Twitter account from public to private, your tweets can only be viewed by the followers whom you’ve manually approved.

If you want to make the Twitter account private, here’s how to do it.

Make Twitter Account Private on Desktop

1. Visit and log into your account.

2. Click More (Three dots circle) on the left sidebar.

3. Click Settings and privacy.

4. Under Settings, Click Privacy and Safety.

5. Click Audiance and tagging. (This will manage what information you allow other people to see on Twitter)

 6. Select the checkbox Protect your Tweets.

7. A popup will open in front of your screen. Select Protect. This will only show your tweets to your follower.

Make Twitter Account Private on Mobile

1. Open the Twitter app on your mobile.

2. Click on your profile picture at the top left corner.

3. Select Settings and privacy below.

4. Click Privacy and safety.

5. Toggle the switch on beside Protect your Tweets. Now your account is private and tweets are protected.

From now on, only the followers you’ve gained already can see your tweets. In contrast, others need your approval to view the the tweets.

How does a Private Twitter Account Differ from a Public One?

Before proceeding, let’s understand the difference between a private and public Twitter account.

When you tweet something, it becomes public by default setting. Anyone can read your tweets and view photos whether they’re following you or not. In short, your Twitter feed is accessible by everyone.

However, those who are not following you can’t see the tweets on their news feed. They have to visit your profile. So, if they want to follow you, simply click the Follow button and become your follower.

In contrast, with a private account, you can choose who can follow you. If someone requests to follow, you’ll receive a notification. Upon your manual approval, that person can be on your follower list. Otherwise, he will only see your name, bio and link.

But don’t worry about the existing followers. They still can view your tweets and other content unless you block them.

How to Approve Followers’ Request on Twitter?

As you have protected the Twitter account, new followers need your approval. Here’s a quick guide for how to approve follower’s requests on Twitter.

  • When someone sends you a follow request, you’ll get a notification saying, You have 1 pending follower request.
  • Click View more to check all pending requests.
  • Now select Accept or Decline it as per your choice.

In case you don’t see any follower requests, it means there is no new request. The notification eventually disappears from the profile.

Further, suppose you get an email notification about a new request but can’t find it on Twitter. It means the person has canceled the request after sending it.

What Happens When You Protect Tweets?

Before you decide to proceed with how to make Twitter account private, let’s know the consequences. Here’s what happens when you protect your tweets.

  • After switching to a private account, your tweets are only visible to the existing followers.
  • Even your tweets or other contents posted before the account was private are now also become protected. They are searchable and viewable by your current followers only.
  • The new visitors require your approval of their following requests.
  • Your private Twitter account now has a lock icon next to the user name. It indicates to other users that your profile and tweets are private.
  • Additionally, no one, including your followers, can retweet your posts. Rather, they can only favorite it. But, you can retweet other public users’ posts.
  • As you’ve protected tweets, they will not appear in the Google search bar or other third-party sites. Only you, your followers or Twitter owner can search it in the Twitter search bar.
  • Any @ replies can be seen by your approved followers only. For example, if you tweet or reply @taylorswift13 I love you, the user will not see it as she is not your follower.
  • Lastly, you’re able to share any permanent link to your tweet with approved followers. However, remember your followers can download or re-share the link to media. Media-shared links on Twitter are not private. Hence, anyone can view the tweet with the link.


To conclude altogether, if you don’t want too many eyes on your content, protect your tweets. Thus, you’ll have the ability to control the information.

Moreover, you should be cautious while communicating with random people. Make sure you have reliable followers who don’t mess up with your privacy. Post carefully so that no one can make it viral in the wrong way.

The main drawback is your reply or mentioned tweet won’t be visible to someone who isn’t following you. Even, his/her account is public, your tweets remain unreachable. But if you’re concerned about your privacy, hopefully, this guide helps prevent your content from being misused to some extent.

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