Make a Facebook Post Shareable in 2021: Step by Step Guide

There’s no need to introduce Facebook. Every Tom, dick, and harry is already having a profile on Facebook. The social media platform has evolved so much in the past few years that it has become one of the necessities in everyone’s daily life.

Not only is Facebook connecting everyone with their relatives and friends, but also it has allowed even the little business to grow.

Though Facebook is pretty easy to use, still there are sometimes one might need help to perform a  few things.

Like sometimes, you might like some post you want to share on your timeline, but unable to do so. The same thing might happen to your friends on Facebook too. If they like one of your posts, but they are not getting the option to share it.

There can be several reasons possible due to which share option might not be available.

This article can help you understand such probable causes and get to know how to make a shareable Facebook post in 2021.

How can you make Your New Facebook Post Shareable

Checking your privacy setting and making a few changes can make a new or even previous post shareable.

If you use Facebook mobile app, follow the below-mentioned steps to make your post shareable.

  1. First of all, you got to make a post at first. You can write something to share your thoughts or post a video or a picture you have captured or liked.
  1. You need to click on “what’s on my mind” and start typing or browse the picture or video from your gallery.
  1. By default, the privacy setting remains “public” if you haven’t made any changes previously in your privacy settings. This setting lets everyone, whether they are friends or not, on Facebook to view your post. The post also can be shared by anyone wishing to share.
  1. If the highlighted part is not public, click on the drop down menu of privacy option to choose “public” from it to make your post shareable for everyone.
  1. After making changes, you need to click/touch the arrow beside the “select privacy” option.
  1. Then click on the post to submit your status/video/images. Now anyone seeing your post can also share it.

How can you Make Your Existing Post Shareable

As mentioned earlier, previous posts such as videos, photos, etc. can also be shareable after making a few changes. Follow the steps to know more details about it.

  1. First of all, you need to find the desired post on your timeline.
  1. Click/tap on the “three dots” (highlighted in the picture) located at the top right of your post. From there, select the option “edit post.”
  1. You might find the privacy setting is set at “friends”; this means only your post is visible to your friends on Facebook. You can change the setting to “Public” to make your post shareable by all.
  1. Return back to your post by clicking on the arrow, which you can find beside “select privacy.”
  1. After confirming that you have selected “public,” click on save. Now your post is shareable.

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable when using Desktop

Are you using your desktop to browse your Facebook? Are you not able to make your post shareable? Don’t worry. Here are some steps which can help you.

  1. If you want to modify your previous post’s privacy settings, then find your post from your timeline by logging into your account using any internet browser.
  1. For previous posts, similarly to the mobile app, you can find three dots at the upper right corner; click on those dots.
  1. There, you need to change the audience settings to the public if it is set as “friends” or some other options.
  1. Click on save, and you can find that your post is shareable for all.
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In case you are using a desktop to share a new post that you want to get viewed by everyone, then you can take the help of the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Click on what’s on your mind and start typing or uploading images or videos.
  1. You can find the audience tab while typing or uploading.
  1. Set the audience as “public.”
  1. Submit the post.

Sharing any post from Facebook Pages

The best thing about Facebook pages is that anyone can view the posts made by the page. It is not mandatory to like the pages to view the inner content. Unless you are blocked from the page, you can see the posts and share them too.

You can share a Facebook page’s post by clicking or touching on the share button, which you can find underneath the post. If you wish to write anything about the post, you can write that too and then click “share now” to post it on your timeline.

Sharing a Post from Facebook Groups

Sharing posts from the Facebook group might not be as easier as Facebook pages, in case the group is private. However, if the group is public, sharing posts from such groups won’t be a problem. The process would be similar to sharing posts from Facebook pages. You can also share anything in the group, which can be visible to everyone.

On the other hand, if you are a member of any Facebook group, then sharing posts of the groups on your timeline might not be possible. Though you can share your posts in the group too, and the audience would only be the group members.

Sharing Posts from your Facebook Friends

Sharing a post of your friends on Facebook entirely depends on your friend’s profile’s privacy settings. If you can see the share option on their post, then there’s nothing that can stop you from sharing.

However, if the sharing option is not visible, it means that friend doesn’t want his/her posts to be shared. You can request/ask your friend to allow you, though it’s completely up to them and their privacy.

How to Share a Post on Facebook when There’s No Share Button

Do you badly want to share something on your timeline but not able to because there is no share option available?

As mentioned previously, this can happen only when the post owner has made specific changes in their privacy setting, or the group is private.

However, if you can follow some simple steps, you can share a post on Facebook, even if there is no share button.

  1. You can find a pull-down menu (downward arrow) on the top right corner of the post. Click on the arrow to get the menu.
  1. Click on the option called “saved post.”
  1. After the post got saved in your account, you can now go to your saved post, and there you can find the share option to share the post.

Why can’t your Friends Share your Posts on Facebook 2021?

Facebook gives lots of options to share a post. You can share a post:

  • On your own timeline.
  • Your friend’s timeline
  • Your story
  • Send the post as a message
  • Groups you are a member of
  • Pages that you are an admin of
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If your friends cannot share your post on Facebook 2021, then there’s something wrong with your privacy setting.  You can always change or modify the setting to either public or friends by choosing your audience.

How can you change the settings to make a post shareable

In order to change the whole sharing setting, you can follow some easy steps. So that you don’t have to worry about every time while submitting a post.

  1. Log in to your profile and go to your timeline.
  1. You can find a button called “activity log” just below your profile cover.
  1. After clicking on it, you can see the activity page on the screen.
  1. You can change the viewing preference by finding the status updates.
  1. You would find a share option with logos like a globe, two silhouettes, a gear, or a lock. The images signify audience preferences. Such as the globe means the post can be viewed by anyone in the world using Facebook.
  1. Choose your preferred privacy settings from the list and save it.

What Happens When you Share a Post on your Facebook Timeline

While sharing an image or a video, you can see the update when the video or photo is uploaded completely.

In case you are sharing some other posts, you might not get notified every time it has been published. However, in both cases, you can find the post in your timeline, plus your friends can also see the post on their news feed.

What is the Point of Sharing Something on Facebook?

One can find various types of posts on Facebook. From posting about getting engaged to being separated, completing studies to changing jobs, everyone likes to keep others updated about their life.

There are many reasons for posting something on Facebook. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Warning Others: Sometimes, a post can also save someone from danger or warn them before getting into something dangerous. For instance, one can find many posts from their local police station about any new phone-call scam.
  • Spreading Awareness: Nowadays, as every one is available on Facebook, many announcements happen virtually. Apart from press conferences, many organizations prefer spreading awareness via Facebook and other social media too. You must know that WHO is trying to be aware of coronavirus via Facebook and other social media platforms.

What Does it mean when Someone Shares your Facebook Post?

Well, this is relatively easy to figure out. A person might have liked your post; that’s why he/she has shared it on their timeline.

As the post can be visible in their Facebook profile, this means your post can get views from a broader audience.

In case you might not be comfortable with such a larger audience viewing your post, you can always change your privacy setting. Plus, you can also request the person who already has shared your post to remove it from their wall.


Making a post shareable on Facebook is quite straight-forward in 2021. However, ensure that you are not posting something that doesn’t match community guidelines or sharing something extremely personal.

Trolling and hate comments on Facebook can make one’s life hard, so be sure before publishing any post to the public. 

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