How to Connect Roku Box to Wifi Without Remote

Roku is an entertainment media player that uses Wifi to connect to a network for streaming on the TV. The Roku player requires a remote control to connect with WiFi.

However, if the remote is lost or becomes unresponsive or whether you’re on another network, it’s possible to connect Roku to Wifi without a remote.

In order to connect Roku to Wifi without remote, you need to set up mobile hotspot first and then download the Roku app to act as a remote and finally connect the Roku device to the same mobile hotspot network using the app.

How to Connect Roku to Wifi Without Remote

  1. Go to phone setting, select Mobile Hotspot.
  2. Tap Set up Mobile Hotspot.
  3. A Mobile Data usage notice will appear on your screen, tap OK and continue.
  4. Set the Wifi network name (SSID) and select WPA2 PSK as security mode.
  5. To activate the Mobile Hotspot tap Save.
  6. Now, install the Roku app from Google Play Store (Android user) and Apple Ios App store (IOS user).
  7. Tap the Roku app to open. Press the remote icon from the bottom of the app.
  8. A look alike hardware remote will appear on your screen.
  9. Now, connect to wifi using the virtual remote.
  10. Go to setting from your Roku app and find the wireless network.
  11. Select the network and enter your password to connect. Thus you can connect Roku to wifi without remote.

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