How to Change Twitter Handle without Losing Followers

Twitter has evolved as a professional social media platform. You can be able to find almost every big or small business or even freelancers having their Twitter account to promote and share their products or services.

The Twitter handle begins with the “@” sign and it appears in the profile URL. Suppose you are tired of using the old name or want to create a new persona from another prospective, then it’s time to make changes. This quick guide will help you with how to change Twitter handle without losing followers.

Why Username Matters?

Your username is like your signature, which is unique. It reflects your personality and digital presence when you are promoting your brand or signing up as a freelancer.

Before selecting a username, you should keep in mind that it is relatable to your business purpose. If you are on Twitter to promote your business, maintaining a professional account can create a good impression on your followers. It is recommended to keep your username same as your other social media platform. This will help your followers to recognize your profile.

Change Your Name

To change your Twitter name, you need to follow the given steps:

1. Sign in to the official Twitter site or open the Twitter App.
2. Go to your profile by clicking the icon.
3. Tap on the edit profile option from the drop-down menu and update your name.

4. Click on the save option on that Twitter page to get the modified name.

What is the difference between a username and your name?

Everyone has a unique username to log-in the account. A user can reply to your tweet or send you a direct message using the username. On the other hand, the name is public to everyone and it is your identity on Twitter. Your name or the “display name” appears on everything you post on the platform or comment on someone’s post.

How long can Names and Usernames be?

1. Your username can be as long as 15 characters.
2. Your display name can be as long as 50 characters.

How to Secure Your Twitter Username

Creating a new username is not a big deal. A user needs to be creative and think something cool before selecting a username. Though you can update this several times, it’s always better to choose something suitable for the future. The main purpose is to increase the followers of your Twitter page.

If the new username you have considered already belongs to someone, then following the information mentioned below can be pretty useful.

Suppose you want a username as “ FilmyfunUA”, but some other user has already taken it. You can still have the same name by adding some signs. Adding an underscore or hyphen will do the trick. This means “Filmy_funUA” can be applied in case it is not taken.

You can also get some inactive user names by approaching them. A simple Google search can help you contact the user who has deactivated their Twitter account. For your information, remember that getting a username from a user doesn’t mean you need to pay them. Twitter doesn’t allow such transactions.

How to Change Twitter Handle

Is your Twitter username not perfect for the current business? If the answer is ‘Yes,’ well…don’t worry, you can change your Twitter username in seconds. It Won’t affect your existing followers. Your followers will see a new username next to your profile photo after you update.

  • Use your email id to log in to your account. Click your profile icon.
  • From that page, you can find “Account Information”.
  • A security check will be done. Here the user needs to enter his email address and password to confirm it’s him only.
  • After the security check, you’ll be able to see a box beside Username. Click on the box and type your new name
  • If someone already has taken the name, it will tell you, “That username has been taken. Please choose another”.
  • It will let you save the username only if it is unique and available
  • Now click the “Save Changes” option at the bottom of the screen, and your new handle is ready to use. You can see the current username next to your profile picture.

Note: Let all your followers know that you have made changes in your Twitter username and display name. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to recognize you.

Steps to Change Your Handle on Twitter’s Mobile App

1. Open the Twitter mobile app, tap on your profile icon, and click on settings and privacy.

2. Click on “Account” from the menu.

3. Tap “Username.”

4. You can find “new” from the drop-down menu, edit your previous login name with the new one.

5. If the provided handle is available, a green tick mark will appear. Click on “Save Changes,” and boom! Your Twitter Handle will be changed.

How to Keep Your Followers on Twitter when Changing the Handle?

Changing the username can be a risky task. After you change your old handle, people might not be able to recognize you. Remember that you have to follow a few steps before changing your handle without losing your existing followers.

  1. Let your followers know it: Before or after modifying your login name, it is recommended to let your followers know about getting a new username. Your followers can even search for you using your email address, so ensure that the followers know that.
  1. Keep the same profile icon: If you change your Twitter Handle and Profile photo simultaneously, your followers can unfollow you for not recognizing. So you should not change your profile picture right after updating a new username. People can recognize you from your profile photo if they can’t acknowledge you by the new username.
  1. Get a fresh account but claim your old account as well: As per Twitter policy, any inactive profile’s username can be used by some other active user. This means any other user can acquire the userID of your old profile. This is why if you are creating a new account, make sure you claim your old profile also. This is how you can inform the followers about multiple accounts.

How Often You Can Change your Twitter Username?

Unlike other social media applications, changing the name on Twitter is very easy. There is no limit on it. You can change it as many times as you want.

Why Can’t You Register Certain Usernames?

  • Sometimes while changing your credentials, you can’t select certain user names. This is because those names already been taken. In this case, you have to select other names that no one has used before.
  • While entering the username if you have included spaces then it won’t get accepted.


Nowadays, Twitter is indeed one of the most popular social media platforms among people. If you have changed your company name, then there’s no need to create a new account. You have to alert your followers in a tweet so that they can reach by direct replies and Direct Messages to the new username.

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