How To Add Friends On Steam Easily

Steam is a gaming platform that lets people socialize with other players for playing multiplayer games, downloading content, sharing games, joining Steam group events, etc. In order to connect with other gaming partners, at first, the user has to befriend them on Steam.

IIf you are wondering how to add friends on Steam, you can follow this article for detailed information. A user can access the direct Steam website, desktop app or mobile app to add his friends on Steam.

Adding friends on Steam is not a complicated process. However, there are some things you need to take care of before taking the “Steam friend’s” advantage. You can only add friends after your account gets unrestricted.

Whenever you are opening a Steam account, it gets the “limited” status by default. First of all, you need to remove the limited tag by purchasing Steam games or gifts worth a minimum of $5.

Other than these, if you don’t know your friends’ steam profile names, it can  be difficult to add them. Don’t get worried already, as in this article, you will find everything you need to know about adding friends on Steam.

What Should You Know Before Adding Friends On Steam?

The process of adding friends on Steam is easy. However, there are few things you need to keep in mind, or else you can face difficulties while trying to add them.

  • Your friends need to have an account on Steam. You can visit and click/tap on the “Community” tab to create new profiles or find your friends on Steam.
  • There are certain limitations with new Steam accounts. You cannot send friend requests until you have purchased a gift or game worth at least $5 or you have sufficient funds in your Steam wallet. You can visit Steam’s online store ( to buy games.
  • If you don’t want to spend money and still add friends on Steam, then you can ask your friends to send you invitation links or friends code via email or chatting apps. In such case, your friends needs to have Steam paid accounts.
  • There’s no possible way to find a friend on Steam if you don’t know his/her correct profile or username.
  • Finally, you or your friend must accept the friend request to get added as “friends” on Steam.

How To Add Friends On Steam Easily?

There are three simple ways to add friends on Steam easily. You can use the “ Steam Search” function on either Steam’s desktop version, direct website or the mobile app to find your friends. The other two ways are: creating and sharing the invitation link with your friends via email or other chat apps, and linking your Facebook account with your Steam profile to find your friends.

Below is the step by step guide to search and add friends on Steam.

1. Add Friends On Steam Using Website or Desktop App

Steam’s community website and the desktop version are virtually identical. Hence, you can add friends on Steam using any of them.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Open the desktop app for Steam or directly go to
  • Hover the mouse on your username at the menu.
  • From the drop-down, click Friends.
  • Click Add a Friend.
  • Click on Go Search.
  • In the search bar, type your friend’s name.
  • You may find that friend in the search result. Click on Add As Friend.
  • Click OK.

Apart from searching for your friend’s name, you can also search by using their username or profile name in the same search box to send them a friend request.

Now, after receiving the request, your friend will accept it and join you. However, if you face trouble searching him, make sure he hasn’t changed the profile name or you have entered the correct username.

2. Add Friends On Steam Using Mobile App

The usage and functionality are almost the same for both desktop and mobile apps. Except some controls and features are slightly different in the mobile version. But it’s easy to add friends using your mobile too.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Open the Steam app on your mobile device.
  • If your app opens on a different screen rather than the profile, tap the three vertical lines. Then select You & Friends > Profile. In this way, you can get the friend list directly but won’t find the option to add friends. So, after opening the app, simply tap Friends.
  • From the drop-down arrow, select Your Friends.
  • Tap Add a Friend.
  • Go to Search For Friends.
  • Tap Go Search.
  • Type your friend’s name in the search bar.
  • Find your friend from the search result.
  • Tap Add As Friend.
  • Tap OK.

As mentioned earlier, you can also search with the username to find your friends quickly on Steam. Remember, your friend must accept your request to get added.

3. Sending “Invite Links” to Friend

The earlier method of adding friends is only possible when your friend logs into Steam and checks his/her pending friend requests. However, you can create and send Steam invite links to your friends over emails, chat apps or even text messages to get added soon. Your friend can only use the link once, and remember that after 30days, the invite link will automatically expire if your friend doesn’t use it. In such cases, you need to send another invite.

Now let’s jump into the process of creating and sharing the invite link:

  • Open Steam App & log in with your credentials.
  • In the menu bar, you can see your Username is visible. Place the mouse arrow over your username.
  • Select “Friends” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Add a Friend” from the “Friends” menu.
  • Next, you will find a “Create An Invite Link” tab on the right pane of the screen.
  • Wait for the invite link to get created.
  • Highlight the link to copy it.
  • Share it with your friends.

After your friends click on the link they will be redirected to the Steam website. Once your friend logs in to their profile a banner message will be visible on the top of their screen.

After they accept your friend request by clicking on “Add as a Friend” on the message, you will be added as a friend on Steam.

4. Linking Facebook Account

Though this process is rarely used, still you can see which friends of your Facebook use steam and you can add them.

You only need to link your Facebook profile with Steam and then you can see those friends who have also done the same.

Associating your Facebook account with your Steam profile comes with extra benefits. You get extra 50 friends slots, which means previously you can have 250 friends on Steam, now you can have 300.

Why Can’t You Find or Add Friends on Steam?

Steam’s feature to find and add friends doesn’t work seamlessly always. There can be so many reasons behind it.

1. Steam Username Error

When you create a brand new account on Steam you have to provide a username. The primary username and the username you use to connect with your friends or to post anything in the Steam group community are different. A user can even change the profile name anytime they want. These things create confusion while searching for someone on Steam and adding them.

To avoid such confusion, you can create a custom URL that matches your Steam account name.

Generally, there are four types of names associated with a Steam account.

  • Steam account name

It’s the username to log in to the account and cannot be changed later.

  • Steam profile name

It’s displayed on the friends’ list, in games and Steam community groups. You can change it anytime.

  • Real name

Using your real name helps friends to find you easily. However, if you wish to provide any other name, you can do it too.

  • Custom URL name

This is what you set on the profile. It’s easier for friends to find you and vice versa if you a custom Universal Resource Locator (URL) name similar to profile ID or account name. You can easily navigate to to find and add friends.

Sometimes due to some maintenance issue, the database of Steam goes down, and it becomes impossible to find someone. In such cases, you need to wait for Valve or Steam community to fix the issues. It may take 2-3 days.

2. Steam Profile Name Error

Besides searching by username, you can also use the profile names or real names to find friends. But if they change it, you won’t find them easily.

However, Steam will show you the possible profile names with different abbreviations in the search result. But before adding someone, make sure this is the right person.

3. Restrictions on Limited Account

Are you new on Steam? Then your account is limited to access its facilities. Additionally, Steam sometimes put restrictions on certain dummy accounts to prevent phishing, spamming, scamming and other abuse.

Therefore, if you or your friend has limited account restrictions, you can’t add them.

4. Maximum Friend Limit

You also can’t add friends to the list if they have reached the maximum friend count. Hence, they won’t receive the new invitation.

At the same time, the friend count includes the friends already on the list as well as the number of requests you’ve sent. You can cancel some requests to free space for new friends.

5. Pending Invitation

Maybe the friend hasn’t accepted your invitation. That’s why you can’t see him on your friend list yet.

6. Blocked User

If the player blocks you or your invitation, you can’t add them. Similarly, if you’ve blocked someone intentionally or accidentally, that person won’t be able to find you. However, you can unblock a Steam user anytime.

Keep in mind that Steam can’t bypass a block or disclose the players about their getting blocked.

Can’t Find Friends On Steam- How To Fix?

Don’t worry about the errors or challenges you face while trying to add friends on Steam. You can resolve these by yourself.

Here are some troubleshooting advices to fix the issues.

1. Make sure the friend has a profile on Steam. If not, then ask them to visit or open Steam client to create a profile. Meanwhile, you wait for the database to update. So, the profile becomes available in the search.

2. If you’re new at Steam, you can’t gain access to all social features. To grant access, you need to do one of the following.

  • Buy a game worth a minimum of $5 or more from the Steam store.
  • Add a fund equivalent to $5 or more to the Steam wallet.
  • Add a Steam Wallet Card equal to $5 or more to the Steam account.
  • Buy a Steam Gift equal to $5 or more from the Steam store. Remember, receiving a digital gift card or Steam gift from a friend, CD keys or retail purchase won’t count.

3. Make sure you’ve searched by correct profile name.

4. If the profile name has changed or seems different, search by their username. This method is only possible if their custom URL and username are the same or you know the username already.

5. If you know the real name, you can easily find them.

6. If none of the process works, generate and send invite links to add your friends.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, Steam is a popular gaming platform where famous developers have created many games. You can play them by yourself or in a group. However, playing as a single-player on Steam sometimes can be challenging. Also, some games are a lot of fun when playing with friends.

Adding friends on Steam using the methods mentioned above will defintely help you. Though Steam sometimes encounters issues corresponding to the username. The database can’t find the player you’re looking for. Hence, it’s better to add them by sending a friend code or invitation link.

Another key point is Steam put restrictions on malicious accounts. People sometimes create accounts on Steam to spread spam or do other wrong activities. To maintain transparency, Steam allows such accounts to access only limited features and certain communities. Until you’re spending $5, you won’t be able to add friends or unlock all games.

So, it’s better to stay within guidelines and enjoy gaming with friends.

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