Top 3 Methods of GoDaddy Workspace Login

GoDaddy Webmail is one of the popular providers of corporate emails. Almost 80% of companies use GoDaddy Workspace for various reasons.

Users using the GoDaddy email service can access emails using any device. Apart from that, the company provides a smooth interface with an automatic data sync feature for its Webmail users. In addition, it also offers an advanced anti-virus setting along with a spam filter to keep the data secure.

Moreover, based on the size of a company, users can customize the GoDaddy Webmail service plan– which is an irresistible offer for small and medium businesses.

To utilize the benefits of GoDaddy Workspace, you need to log in to GoDaddy email first. 

There are several ways to log in to GoDaddy Workspace. You will find the easiest and trendiest ways for GoDaddy Workspace login here in this article.

Method 1: GoDaddy Account Login

Follow these simple steps to log in to your GoDaddy account:

1. Click the link to start the login procedure-

2. Next, Click on Sign in and enter Username and Password.
You can access the GoDaddy account via Facebook, Amazon or Google email ID. However, the username you have created before for GoDaddy Domain Registration, enter that every time you log in using the username.

3. You can simply use any option (Facebook, email, or username) to log in to your GoDaddy account. 

Create GoDaddy Workspace Email Address

  1. Open the email address list and click on the ‘Create’ option.
  2. Choose a name for your email address and choose your desired domain
  3. Create a strong password and check its strength.
  4. Click on ‘create’ and wait for a few seconds. 

You’ll get a confirmation email. Open the mail and click on ‘Confirm’. Your email address is ready to use. 

Method 2: GoDaddy WorkSpace Login

You can notice the GoDaddy provided a feature called Workspace email login. Generally, users ignore it because they have little or no knowledge about it. However, the Workspace comes with some useful features such as MX records, etc.

Let’s see how you can log in to GoDaddy WorkSpace.

1. Click on this link to log in to your Workspace-

2. Enter your GoDaddy email ID and the Password associated with it. 

3. Click “Sign In” to log in to the workspace email.

Method 3: Log in to GoDaddy Webmail Using MS Office 365

1. Click on this link to open the page-

2. Type your email and password in their respective options of Microsoft 365.

3. Click “Sign in”.

You can use a similar method to log in to your GoDaddy account with Facebook and another email ID.

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