3 Easy and Quick Ways To Access GoDaddy Email Webmail Login 2022

GoDaddy is the largest global platform working as a domain registrar and web host with over 20 million customers and entrepreneurs. Moreover, it’s an all-in-one solution to create a powerful brand or attractive website, gain customers’ attention via social and digital marketing, get fast webpage hosting facilities etc.

Godaddy offers their customers to set up professional email accounts using the business or domain name, which is called GoDaddy Webmail.

If you’re new on GoDaddy and want to know how to login into GoDaddy email or webmail through the website, Workspace email and Office 365, then here we have listed some easy and quick solutions for you.

Established in 1997 in Tempe, Arizona, GoDaddy is the worldwide popular web hosting platform among entrepreneurs. Presently, it has over 84 million registered domain names. Additionally, 80% of the businesses have joined GoDaddy to grow their online presence. No surprise, its fast speed, mobile-friendly features, flexible payment methods and reliable services have made GoDaddy a successful tool for online professionals.

GoDaddy Email Login using Webmail 3 Easy Ways 2022

Try one of these three methods and get instant and easy access to your GoDaddy registered account.

Method 1: Login via GoDaddy official website

Let’s start with the easiest way. In order to proceed with the GoDaddy Email Login via the official website of Godaddy follow the below steps.

  1. Click the link to start the login procedure- https://sso.godaddy.com/?realm=idp&path=%2fproducts&app=account 
  2. On the GoDaddy Email Login page, enter the username and password that you created during registration.
  3. Checkmark the box Keep me signed in on this device if you want.
  4. Click Sign in and access your GoDaddy account.

In addition, GoDaddy offers some alternative ways to login into a Godaddy email account. Once you visit the GoDaddy email login page, you’ll get three more options to connect and log in to your GoDaddy account by using your Amazon account, Google account or Facebook handle.

Method 2: Log in to GoDaddy through MS Office 365

Microsoft is partnered with GoDaddy to give small business owners access to professional emails. So, if you want to log in to your GoDaddy email account through MS Office 365, here we’ve described the step-by-step guide.

  1. Click on this link to directly open the GoDaddy Microsoft Office Login page- https://sso.godaddy.com/?realm=pass&app=o365
  2. Provide your email and password of GoDaddy on their respective options of Microsoft 365.
  3. Type your username and password that you used during GoDaddy registration.
  4. Again, you can select the box for Keep me signed in on this device.
  5. Hit Sign in.

Method 3. Workspace Email Login (Webmail Login)

What is GoDaddy Workspace (Webmail)?

GoDaddy Workspace is the email security solution an individual gets after purchasing the web host service from GoDaddy. Since email communication is important for any business, this feature helps users acquire a professional and customized email address. It makes the business look more stable and authentic than a generic one.

If you didn’t get it after registering the domain name on GoDaddy, here we’ve shown the quick steps for it.

You first need to create a Webmail account and buy an email id related to the company’s name from the GoDaddy product page. Then follow the steps to proceed with GoDaddy Workspace login. 

Setup GoDaddy Workspace Email Account

1. Use your GoDaddy’s login credentials to sign in by one of the above two methods.

2. Open GoDaddy’s Product Page.

3. At the top, select Setup Email. It’ll display a list with multiple email addresses.

4. Select an email address of your choice that will match the business.

5. Once you’re done, next select a Domain.

6. Provide a unique password to continue and re-enter it to confirm.

7. Click Create. It’ll take some minutes to create the email account and address.

8. When the setup is finished, you’ll get a confirmation email.

9. Now hit Next to proceed to GoDaddy Workspace Email Login.

Moreover, if you want to use a GoDaddy Webmail account, you must proceed with GoDaddy Workspace Email Login. So, here’s the quick process to log in to GoDaddy Workspace Email.

Process to Setup GoDaddy Workspace Email (Webmail) Login

  1. Go to this link https://sso.godaddy.com/login?app=email&realm=pass on any browser of your choice and open the GoDaddy Webmail Login page.
  2. Enter your GoDaddy Workspace Email Login username and password in the respective fields.
  3. If you want to log in using this device later without entering the credentials, checkmark Keep me signed in on this device.
  4. Click Sign in and get access to GoDaddy Webmail login.

Reasons behind GoDaddy Email Login Problems

You may experience various difficulties while login into GoDaddy Email. Here we’ve discussed some common GoDaddy Email Login problems that you usually face. 

  1. You forget the Username while login to GoDaddy account.
  2. You mistype the Password of your GoDaddy account.
  3. You enter the right password but still receive an incorrect password notification.
  4. If you enable the Two-steps verification for security, it might cause trouble.
  5. Probably, your way of login is incorrect.

To fix these issues, you can retrieve your username, reset your password or clear the cookies of your browser. If nothing works, then call GoDaddy customer care –  480 366-3549 for help (24 x 7 hours helpdesk). Or you can always try the Godaddy online chat (live chat) option for quick answers.

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