How To Fix OK Google Not Working

The latest technology, Google Assistant on Android, is like a virtual assistant always carrying in the pocket. All you need is to say “OK Google” to bring up Google Assistant and ask it about any information.

However, things get weird when it stops working despite you keep repeating that two magical words. Ultimately, it leaves many Android users to feel embarrassed, especially not knowing why Google Assistant is not working.

Are you having the same trouble? Although it’s easy to resolve the issue without technical knowledge, it sometimes requires extra tips. Here are some solutions for how to fix OK Google not working error in the following article.

How To Fix OK Google Not Working In 9 Ways

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence system for Google’s next-generation way of searching. Instead of typing, now using the voice commands to search for something has become easier. For example, Google Assistant interacts with your phone to set alarms, schedule events, play music etc.

Unfortunately, sometimes “OK Google” commands get stopped working on the phone. There can be different reasons for this voice recognition software not working smoothly. Let’s discuss them and find ways to fix issues with Google Assistant.

1. Check language settings

You can start with the simple way to solve the OK Google problem. It’s may possible that Google Assistant is not responding because you’re speaking in the wrong language. Though US English is the default language for maximum users, still it’s worth checking.

  • Open the Google app on your device and tap More from the bottom right corner.
  • Tap Settings>Voice>Languages.
  • You will find multiple language options. Tap and hold a language to set it as default. Further, you can set primary and secondary languages too. Google can detect the language you’re speaking and switch between them automatically.

Also, try to update the language pack to resolve the issue.

  • From the same Voice menu, tap on Offline speech recognition.
  • Download or update the English (US) language pack.

2. Make sure Google Assistant is on

After setting the language, check if Google Assistant is actually on or not. To make sure of that,

  • Tap and hold the Home button.
  • If Google Assistant is off, it’ll ask you to turn it on. So, tap Turn On.

Especially for Pixel users, the voice commands won’t work until Google Assistant is turned on manually.

3. Clear the microphone of your device

One solution that most Android users feel works is clearing the microphone of the device. Being a voice-based system, Google Assistant requires interruption-free voice commands.

Therefore, any dust or debris in the microphone hole creates difficulties for the device to pick up the voice. In that case, take a safety pin or something similar to clean it and fix the problem.

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Additionally, often apps running in the background make noise and interfere with the microphone. Similarly, a noisy environment also causes the same issue. OK Google detection may have improved, but it seems problematic yet to use the feature in a loud crowd.

4. Check if the OK Google command is enabled

Perhaps OK Google might not work because you haven’t enabled it yet. Hence, to make sure and turn it on manually, follow the process below:

  • Tap and hold the Home button.
  • Tap the compass icon at the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on the profile picture and select Settings>Assistant.
  • Select your device from the Assistant devices section. If your Google app version is 7.1 and below, turn on Say “OK Google” anytime.
  • Now toggle on Google Assistant at the top.
  • In the Voice Match section, toggle on Access with Voice Match.

In case your phone doesn’t have Google Assistant, check out the steps to turn on OK Google:

  • Open the Google app.
  • Tap on More from the bottom right.
  • Tap Settings>Voice>Voice Match.
  • Toggle on Access with Voice Match.

Last but not least, turn on OK Google voice match detection as well.

  • Open Google and tap on More.
  • Select Settings>Voice and tap on Voice Match.

5. Retrain “OK Google” voice model

Is Google still taking time to recognize your voice? Due to some reasons, the voice assistant cannot retain the voice commands always. However, by retraining the Google voice model, you can improve recognition.

Here are the steps to retrain the Google Assistant to fix OK Google not working.

  • Tap and hold the Home button.
  • Tap the compass icon from the bottom left corner.
  • Tap the profile picture or initial on the upper right. If you have Google app version 7.1 or below,

Tap “OK Google” detection>Delete voice model>Ok.

Turn on Say “OK Google” any time.

Follow the steps to record your voice.

  • Select Settings>Assistant.
  • Tap Voice Match.
  • Tap Teach your Assistant your voice again.
  • Tap Retrain to confirm.
  • Follow the steps to record your voice.

Doesn’t your device have Google Assistant? No problem. Here’s how to retrain the voice model in such devices:

  • Open the Google app and tap More on the top right.
  • Tap Settings>Voice>Voice Match.
  • Tap Delete voice model and then tap Ok to confirm.
  • Turn on Access with Voice Match.
  • Follow the steps showing on the screen to record your voice.

Hopefully, now the voice assistant will function properly.

6. Clear Google app cache

Do you know that Google generates cache for every app running on the device? These caches may help the application work smoothly, though corrupted files can disturb the device’s functionality. Eventually, it causes the Google Assistant not working error.

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But don’t worry. It takes a few minutes to clear the cache and solve your problem.

  • Open your system’s Settings.
  • Locate and select Applications & Permission or App manage or Installed Applications depending on the smartphone.
  • Find the Google app.
  • Open it and go to Internal Storage.
  • Tap on Clear cache as well as Clear data.

It will remove any corrupted cached data from your phone. Speak the voice commands again and check whether the issue persists.

7. Update the Google app

If clearing cache doesn’t help, perhaps updating the Google app can be your solution. An outdated Google app may trigger problems with OK Google or Hey Google commands. So, in order to check for an update, follow the steps below:

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search Google.
  • If a new update is available, tap Update. If you see Open instead of Update, you already have the latest version.

8. Disable Bixby on Samsung

In case you’re a Samsung phone user, unfortunately, Bixby tends to interfere with Google Assistant. For some unknown reasons, this particular voice Assistant service is not compatible with Bixby or S-voice.

Thereby, to use OK Google on Samsung, you’ve to disable the Bixby wakeup voice entirely. To do that, find the app icon, long-press it and tap Disable.

9. Turn off adaptive battery and battery saver

Are you still encountering the OK Google not working issue on Android? There might be a chance that your device’s adaptive battery and battery saver options prevent it from detecting OK Google phrases.

You can follow the steps below to turn these features off:

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Locate the Battery and tap to open it.
  • For Adaptive battery: tap on Adaptive Battery and toggle off Use Adaptive battery.
  • For Battery saver: tap on Battery Saver and select Turn off now.

Now try the Google voice commands again and you may find the issue has been resolved.

On A Final Note

You are not alone who face problems when Google fails to recognize your voice. All you need is to calm down and fix it with the above-indexed methods. Additionally, reinstalling the Google app and restarting the device also helps to get rid of the problem.

However, if Google Voice doesn’t seem to work, the problem may lie within the feature. Keep looking in Twitter or Google Forum whether everyone is having the same issue worldwide. In that case, sit tight and wait for Google fixes the issue for you.

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