Does Instagram Notify when you Screenshot a Story?

While Instagram Stories are temporary, you may decide to take a screenshot of someone’s picture or video in their Story. In that case, you should know if Instagram tells that user about your screenshotting their Story.

Some social platforms often alert users when someone saves or screen records their content. Whereas Instagram, a popular photo and video-sharing app, works differently.

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a Story?

The answer is no. Instagram does not notify when you screenshot a story. It means you can take screenshots of other users’ stories and posts without them knowing.

Instagram will only notify other users that you’ve taken screenshots when you screenshot a disappearing image or video they sent you through Instagram direct messages using the camera button.

Similarly, when you post something on your Story and someone takes its screenshot, you won’t receive any notification. So, screenshotting on direct message is the only place where Instagram alerts users.

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a Story for Close Friends?

Again, the answer is no. Like other Instagram Stories, there will be no notification when you screenshot a Story posted for Close Friends.

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