An Insight To The Observation Of BICEP Regarding The Gravity Waves


BICEP The researchers in the first half of the year inferred based on their observation through BICEP, a telescope located in the South Pole that Big Bang is the main cause of the gravity waves. The researchers were of the opinion that the origin of the Universe has lefts its mark on the present one. But, later it was noticed that the result was not full proof as it is supposed to be. It was later suggested that the theory of BICEP, gravitational radiation and inflation were at a very rudimentary form. It turned out to be that a dusty material in the galaxy complicates the matter to a certain extent.

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Technology That Should Be For The Future Already Exists

child on laptop

child on laptop The world of technology is a growing spot in the world. In fact there are so many different types of technology these days that it is getting hard to keep up with everything that is going on. It seems that as soon as you make an electronics purchase that something newer and better will come along almost the very next day. The truth be told is that there are many different types of technology that have already been developed and are just sitting out there waiting to be released. In this article you will find several examples of the futuristic technology that already exists and what they are all about.

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New Technology That Can Detect Explosives From Half A Mile Away

explosive detector

explosive detector The world of technology is an ever-changing world. There always seems to be something new and exciting happening whether it is in the electronics world or another capacity that can help save lives of people. There has recently been new technology that is being developed which involves a remote laser that can detect explosives from a half a mile away. The idea that scientists eventually want to accomplish is that of having a plane that can fly into and over large pieces of land and when entering the area being able to identify if there are drugs or explosives present. As of right now there has been goals achieved but only goals that work for short distances. The new goals are to sense from much larger distances.

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