How Facebook’s Anonymous App Could Keep Everything Safer

facebook apps

When you are dealing with people hacking into the computer programs or into the apps on your smartphone it is like dealing with the bullies of the cyber community. You can try to ban them but as soon as you do they will create a new account and start over. This is the reason why Facebook wants to know exactly who you are. They have a new app being released soon that will be known as the anonymous app. To learn what this app is and how is works keep reading the article below to find out.

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The Best Grocery List Apps For Android

android apps

android apps There are not many people who like to grocery shop and even more people who grocery shop without making a list. Of course there are also the people who take the time to make the list simply by writing it on a piece of paper and then leaving it at home. Little good does that do you when you get to the grocery store. You will then try to go from memory and you will end up forgetting what is on your list and purchasing things that you did not need to begin with. This is all made much easier if you use one of the many different grocery list apps for your Android device. After all no one leaves homes without his or her cell phones these days. In this article you will find several different grocery list apps for the Android and you can figure out which would serve your needs the best.

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Protection Panel From Google To Ensure The Account Safety Of The User

Google account protection

Google account protection With rising threat from the cyber criminals, the safety and security of your accounts have emerged to be a matter of concern. Google is such a server that has major account holders across the world. For years, Google have developed different applications that will help in securing the account of the users. However, many were reluctant to use those applications. It is because the placement of the applications was in a scattered form. However, in a new approach this company has created a visual walkthrough of all the safety apps provided to its users. This new advancement from the company has grabbed the attention of the users. Now, increased users are concerned about making their account safer.

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Use Alternative Keyboard With Third Party Apps As You Download iOS 8

keyboard apps for IOS 8

keyboard apps for IOS 8 iOS 8 the latest version of the mobile operating system has been made available by Apple recently. Among the latest upgrades, it is the introduction of third party keyboards which has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts. Users will no longer be stuck with the default keyboard any longer. As you swap the on-screen keyboard with an alternative keyboard using the device is easier. If you are unhappy with the default keyboard, you have the chance of changing it. Users have the chance of using these keyboards with third-party apps easily.

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The Brand New Look Of Twitter App In The Recent Update Of IOS 8

Twitter App

The look of the Twitter app in the iPhone is something that annoys many of the uses. The present look of the app is blunt and without much variation. Moreover, to perform different tasks the users have to swing between the different functions. It is a major problem in the user’s experience of the iOS users. However, in a recent update the iOS 8 is equipped with smart looking interface for the app of Twitter. The new look is available in the official store of Apple. The users can easily download the latest version and start enjoying the stunning look of the application.

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