5 Tips to Save Mobile Data Effectively on iOS

mobile data

mobile data

If you use mobile internet on a regular basis then you’re undoubtedly intimately acquainted with your mobile data limitation. For most plans that have limited mobile data the charge for exceeding the limitation can actually be quite hefty – which is something you may have experienced on more than one occasion.

Rather than constantly being forced to pay more, it is actually possible for you to save mobile data and prevent it from going over the limit. To get started, just follow these tips:

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The Best Games For Time Wasters On Your Mobile Phone


gamesEveryone who has a mobile phone always seems to be holding it in his or her hands. This is especially true if you are trying to kill time by looking at your phone. This could be anywhere from sitting in the doctor office, DMV, waiting in the carpool line waiting to pick up children from school or even sitting on your couch in your own home. Some people will check their email, others will look at Facebook or other social media sites but some people like to play games. Here you will find several different games that have proven to be the most popular time wasters on mobile phones.

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What’s New With The Galaxy S6

s6 edge

s6 edgeWith every update for new smartphones they get smarter and smarter.  It seems that soon the smartphones will not need humans to operate them.  They will be able to do everything by themselves without anyone pushing any of the buttons.  Almost all of the cell phone creators are competing to have the best cell phone of them all and this is the same thing with the Galaxy S6.  Read on to learn some of the new rumors that involve the new Galaxy S6.

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Where To Sell Or Buy A Used Android Phone

buy and sell

buy and sellIf you are looking at upgrading your current model or even something completely different than what you already have you might be finding that it is pretty expensive.  However what you might not know is that you can offset some of that expensive cost by selling your old Android phone.  There is definitely a market for a used phone.  This is because if they are taken care of phones can last for many years and face it there is definitely a demand for them as well.  If you are looking to sell or buy a used phone you might be interested in the websites that work as an exchange for phones.  There are several of them. 

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