How to Prevent Identity Theft If Information Has Been Hacked

identity theft

identity theftIt seems like everyday there is another major company that has had their customer information hacked.  Unfortunately with the amount of technology that is available to people these days this is a problem that is going to continue.  For this reason we need to be cautious and be able to protect ourselves from having our identity stolen when things like this happen.  There are many ways to protect yourself from this criminal activity read on below to learn more.

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The Benefits of Managed Hosting for Your Business


serverThe last thing a small business that runs a company website or an online store wants is to spend effort, money and time on server management. This is why the best solution for such a business is to choose fully managed hosting services.

Managed hosting means that the hosting company takes care of all your server-related matters. Not only do you rent the needed hardware from the host company, but you also pay the company for managing it. In unmanaged hosting, you only rent the server from your hosting provider, and you are fully responsible for all services and maintenance tasks.

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