12 Best Caller ID Apps For Android and iOS 2022

Is an unknown caller continuously harassing you? Nobody wants to get interrupted, especially while doing something important. But it’s not always possible to know whether the unknown call is spam or essential.

Thankfully, modern technology makes it possible to say goodbye to spam or fraud calls. Using a caller ID app on your Android or iOS mobile, now you can identify and block certain fake calls and messages.

However, due to so much online shopping, it’s not possible to hide your contact information. Or sometimes, a random person may only intend to disturb you. Luckily, caller ID apps save you from such troubles. They use the spam caller database or other resources to identify an incoming number in real-time and notify you. Upon receiving that, you can decide whether to receive, reject or block the call.

Even if you mark a phone number as spam, these apps automatically block the call next time. Besides the caller’s name and photo, you can also know his/her location. Some apps can also give you more depth information, like a street number, STD or ISD codes.

Meanwhile, it can be challenging to select a caller ID tracking app for your device. There are too many popular apps claiming to protect your privacy from shady scammers. So, get ready to know them.

Top 12 Best Caller ID Apps For Android and iOS

Random telemarketing or robocalls has become a headache. Such calls are irritating and a waste of time. Caller ID apps easily track and identify the unknown incoming number before you answer it. Therefore, it’s wise to install a free caller ID app on your device.

Along with the caller’s name, it displays all other information. Even you can check their last seen on the app if they’re also using the same app. Once you install it, you can know who’s calling or track screen calls and get a directory of the recent callers. But are you confused about which one to install?

Here is the list of best caller ID apps for Android and iOS.

1. Truecaller

One of the top caller ID apps and popular dialer replacements is Treucaller, developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. It was first released in 2009 and soon became available for both Android, iPhone and Windows phones. Now with almost 200 million daily users worldwide, Truecaller has become the most used caller ID app.

Here are the reasons which make this app so popular.

  • Truecaller can pinpoint almost every incoming number with accurate information to notify the user free of cost. Basically, it uses a larger spam database created by the 200 million users to identify spam calls or messages and block them. Not even identifying, but also it sends a call notification even before the call connects.
  • Additionally, Truecaller lets you call or message directly from the app. It even shows who is online currently so you can know whether your friends are free to talk.
  • You also can send a friend request to the friends of your friends.
  • Further, if you missed a call and curious about the caller, just copy and paste the number in Truecaller. It’ll take only a second to show you the caller’s name.

However, in order to unlock more features, like who viewed your profile, you need to upgrade in premium or gold with a monthly or yearly charge.

2. Hiya – Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID

Here is another most useful caller ID app for the users. Hiya is suitable for those people who want to identify the number either to answer it or block. Along with calls, blocking spam and fraudulent messages are also easy with this app.

  • Hiya uses its huge database to track over 400 million phone numbers monthly. Among which it detects 1 billion spam calls till now. Therefore, users get an automatic alert about a spoof or spam call and report it.
  • In addition, it also detects any malware or virus threat within a message.
  • The main limelight of Hiya is you can blacklist unwanted numbers to stop calls or messages like telemarketing calls.
  • Moreover, if you don’t know a phone number or lost a number from the contact list, use the reverse phone lookup feature to get the number and even the address from Hiya’s database.

3. CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

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If you’re looking for a versatile feature in a caller ID app, CallApp can be your calling. It’s a call identifier, blocker and recorder application at the same time. It identifies the caller ID faster than other apps. So, you can block any harassing or spam calls immediately. However, it is currently only available for the Android version.

Apart from this, this versatile app offers the following features.

  • With its advanced and automatic call recorder, you can record an incoming and outgoing call with a clear sound.
  • CallApp lets you sync and update the contact book with information like birthdays, locations and photos from social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • Searching phone numbers, names, businesses, restaurants etc., have become easier with its smart search system.
  • It’s possible to add your favorite video on the call screen from your mobile or select pre-made screens by the app for personalized video ringtone.
  • Set a call reminder to the app or calendar app.
  • In order to protect privacy, you can use incognito mode to make a call. So, the contact will never appear on the call list.
  • CallApp+ feature identifies unknown numbers going through messaging apps like WhatsApp, SMS, Viber etc.
  • Wish your friends on their birthday with amazing greeting themes in CallApp.

4. Mobile Number Locator

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Are you interested to know your caller’s location? Then you can download the Mobile Number Locator app to know the live location of the number. You can also find your family or friend from contacts anywhere in the world.

Here is what Mobile Number Locator has to offer.

  • It displays the caller’s detailed info, including country and city.
  • It’s easy to view call history.
  • Block any unwanted call with the help of a live Mobile Number Locator assistant.

5. Showcaller

Showcaller is another one of the 12 best caller ID apps for Android and iOS both. It easily identifies and blocks telemarketing and robocalls. The following are the services that you may get after installing the app.

  • Besides identifying unknown callers, you can find their addresses, including city, state etc.
  • Quick search any phone number on the app.
  • Offline accessibility of caller ID.
  • Record calls with HD sound quality.
  • Further, enable or disable the in-build sound recorder if it’s required.

However, there are two issues with Showcaller. First, it consumes excessive battery power and secondly, it slows down the system response. But apart from that, it surely a useful unwanted caller identifier.

6. CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker

Just like its catchy name, the CIA detects and blocks unwanted numbers in real-time. It can identify more than 1 million spam or scam calls based on the number of reports by people all around the world. The other key features of CIA are,

  • Its smart call action lets users mute or block calls, reject calls with the pre-defined text message and set a call back reminder.
  • Slide the caller ID up or down the screen, tap to minimize it or swipe to dismiss the call.
  • Use reverse phone lookup to access a phone number, address or business information about an unknown number with this app.
  • If you call a company, but the number is busy, CIA will provide an alternative number to connect.
  • Easily backup contacts.

Integration with multiple data sources such as Facebook, White Pages, Yellow Pages and Google Places in order to give accurate and faster results.

7. Mr. Number : Caller ID & Spam Protection

Do you wish to stop debt collectors or telemarketers from wasting your time? Then, get rid of annoying callers by installing Mr. Number on your iOS or Android mobile. Here are the benefits you can get from this caller ID app:

  • You can block any fraud or spam calls and messages from a person or area.
  • You can intercept a call from an unknown or private number by hanging up or sending the call to voicemail.
  • It’s possible to know about spam or scam calls browsing other’s comments.
  • Also, you can help other users by reporting and blocking spam calls.
  • Mr. Numebr’s automatic caller lookup searches for any number in the database quickly and easily.
  • For Apple users, its iOS CallKit provides integration for call logs, incoming calls and support to block calls.

But the main drawback is it offers call blocking only for paid users.

8. Sync.ME – Caller ID, Spam Call Blocker & Contacts

When random callers disturb you, it’s time to control your privacy by blocking them using Sync.ME caller ID. The main advantage of this app is it automatically updates the spam list.

  • Caller ID has the following useful features,
  • It shows names and photos of all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Call blocker action automatically blocks spam and unwanted phone calls.
  • T9 dialer and Smart Call Log feature.
  • Reverse phone lookup.
  • Set your favorite screen.
  • Manage duplicate contacts easily.
  • Easy call recording.

9. Caller ID – Who Called Me

As the name suggests, the Caller ID- Who Called Me app lets you know who’s behind the call. It works as a call blocker and phone dialer app with 30 million users worldwide. Further, it highlights the following features,

  • Identifying and blocking spam call/robocalls/telemarketing calls are too easy.
  • Displays caller’s region to you.
  • Making phone calls and managing call history are done quickly by setting the app as a default dialer.
  • Easy to backup all contacts with a single tap by uploading them to Google drive and also restore them from the cloud when necessary.

10. True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker

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Don’t get confused between Truecaller and True Mobile Caller ID as both are different apps with almost similar functions. But this is available only for Android OS.

In the meantime, True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker provides the following key features,

  • It blocks unwanted or spam calls with the Call Blocker feature.
  • Using GPS Location History, it can tell where is your Android phone during day and night.
  • Additionally, it can track incoming caller’s location offline like city or state and telecom provider or telecom circle of that number.
  • Even when you make a call from the contact list, the app will show you that person’s location before initiating the call.

Not to mention, True Mobile Caller ID never discloses a user’s personal phonebook or location to the server. It basically works 100% offline so that you can be assured of your privacy.

11. Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker

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This is another option among the 12 best caller ID apps for Android and iOS to keep the annoying callers at bay. Its simple user interface makes the app easier to use.

If you’re thinking about what makes Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker differ from others, here are the reasons.

  • This app identifies spam / telemarketing / unwanted calls and blocks them.
  • It helps to track a mobile number’s location, STD and ISD code without even the internet. For instance, the app has 12,982 cities areas codes (STD) and 249 country codes (ISD).
  • The most interesting feature is its GPS Router Finder to navigate maps, know the live location, traffic and magnetic compass.
  • It’s the only app that shows the location of every incoming and outgoing call on the screen.
  • Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker is the best dialer app for iOS users. It offers a smooth T9 dial pad and a quick search for recent calls.

So, in order to get a caller’s detailed live information, you can download this app.

12. Whoscall – The caller ID and block App

To have a dedicated and trustworthy caller ID tracker app, you can rely on Whoscall. Though it was initially built for Android only, now iPhone users can use this too. It identifies any spam or scam calls and messages and blocks them using its large spam database.

  • Apart from that, it highlights the followings,
  • Built-in-dialer to search and confirm an unknown number.
  • Answer, hang up or use the speaker for a call with its All-in-one call feature.
  • Chat in its Conversation page.
  • Identify unknown callers even offline.
  • Auto-update offline database.
  • Ad-free interface.


Undoubtedly, caller ID apps are essential for your device like any other apps. In order to avoid annoying telecalls or spam calls, these apps are must on mobiles. Especially when you don’t know who’s on the next side of the call, Android and iOS caller iD tracking apps are there to help you.

These apps use the huge spam database marked by millions of users worldwide to detect malicious callers. Therefore, whenever certain unknown calls come to you, caller ID apps display the caller’s accurate information. Now you’ll decide whether to receive it or hang up.

Furthermore, you can search for someone’s name using his/her phone number on such apps. Truecaller, CIA, Hiya and many more have this cool reverse lookup feature. Along with finding or blocking a number, now you can make payments with some caller ID apps like Truecaller. But don’t worry, as they never steal or expose your sensitive information to a third-party.

Now it’s up to you which app to choose. Hopefully, this article is helpful enough to enlighten different useful caller ID track and block apps.

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