10 Tips and Tricks to Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing Career

Digital Marketing Career

As with any career out there, a digital marketing career will be a challenging path. There will be ups and downs and road blocks. As long as you stay focused on where you want to be, you will most definitely get there. However, to do…

Advantages of Implementing a Database Management System

Naturally, there are many advantages of having a database management system for your business, some more obvious than others. Data needs to be stored for a number of purposes. In a business setting, the data can include large amounts of important, and sometimes, confidential information….

Lyft’s Plans to Add Self-Driving Fleet


One of the world’s largest transportation networks, Lyft, based in San Francisco, is planning to develop its own self-driving fleet. The plans are to take over the autonomous cars market. With their biggest rival, Uber, already chasing the same goal, Lyft has finally begun to…