5 Common Social Media Mistakes You Need to Avoid

social media mistakes

Social networks can be powerful tools to boost the presence of a website, a brand or business. However, it is also a fact that mismanagement of social media or the so-called Social Media Marketing strategy can equally become a double-edged sword that in the end…

6 Trends that are Shaping Social Media in 2017

Video Recording

As the fourth quarter of 2017 quickly approaches, it is evident that there are several trends that have been shaping the social media landscape this year – and continue to do so. For businesses and individuals understanding these trends could make a world of difference,…

Smartphone Gimmick or Genius Invention?

Phone manufacturers tend to do things that will make their product stand apart from the crowd. Some features are so off the wall it’s hard to take them seriously. It can appear these things are done to just seek attention or a ploy to get…

Snapchat Snap Map – A Warning for Parents

Snapchat Snap Map

Snapchat has recently introduced the Snap Map feature that brought to question its users’ safety. The Snapchat Snap Map allows people to see where you are at any given time of the day. The newest addition to the app has caused concern among parents worldwide….

Cloud Goals: Office 365 Tops Sales

office 365

  Office suites or productivity program packages. No matter which you choose to call them, these services have been part of the routines of millions of people since the first PCs hit the market. Although the names are old-fashioned, these products have evolved majorly. They…